Top Sephora Birthday Gifts 2021

Top Sephora Birthday Gifts 2021

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This year surely has been super stressful and aggravating for almost all of us. With not being able to celebrate our birthdays and keeping our weddings an intimate affair. The pandemic took its toll on us. While there were mostly perils to the situation. The-all-glory queen of beauty and skin care- Sephora made sure to bless us with its glorifying birthday gifts.

The unrivalled, immense collection of beauty and skin care products available at Sephora are not only limited to the unlimited number of brands, but the massive range of Sephora’s personal label is mind-boggling! With Sephora Birthday gift 2021 not only can you get your hands on the top trending, highly rated products but can also gift your loved one to make their day with Sephora!

Sephora’s Facial Masks

The 95% natural plant extracts blended with eucalyptus fibre to address every skin type’s individual concerns in less than 5 minutes is the magic of this range of Sephora face mask.

The 11 different natural extracts and flavours of the finest fruits with anti-flammatory and hydrating properties help you to restore and nourish the natural skin oils and get rid of blemishes, dryness and rough patches.

Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner
If you’re a make-up noob and love products that serve more than one purpose, Sephora’s retractable waterproof eyeliner should be your next buy!

Not only does it help you get that perfect on-fleek cat eye look but you can create a very glamorous smudge eye look in different colours.

As the colour range is over 15 +, and not only the basic liner shade but shimmery and mattes have also been newly launched. You can avail this bomb product with Sephora’s birthday gift 2021

Jelly Melt Glossy Lip Tint

Are you one of those people who enjoy a subtle natural look ad believe a good tint be a lip one is your go-to product? Sephora’s Jelly glossy lip tint does not only have a shiny glow to it but as the glow dimmens, the subtle after effect lasts giving you a sleek look!

We’d totally suggest you to get your hands on this product, and when in rush, use it as a lip tint for a soft glowy look. The tint makes for an amazing Sephora birthday gift 2021!

Ultra-Glow Serum

With crazy reviews and an insane demand, this ultra-glow serum has made to our highly recommended list. Categorized under not only green but Sephora’s planet positive products, this serum is a blended formation of marine algae and natural vitamins.

Made inclusively for all skin types the glow serum is an instant booster helping you get rid of dullness, pigmentations and wrinkles.

Whomever you’ll gift it too will forever be grateful to you, and as for yourself. Well, you skin will say a glowy thank you once this serum does its magic and the skin radiance is boosted!

Micro Smooth Multi-Tasking Baked Faces Powder
let’s all take a moment here and appreciate the mind behind this too good to be true product serving multi purposes.

This vegan powder not only gives a smooth look to your skin  like a regular baked powder, but the stunning range of shades makes it serve as a bronzer. The glistening effect this powder has, qualifies it for a highlighter, just a confident sweep on your cheekbone and a nice blend with the fingertip will give you a seamless glow.

Reusable Cotton Pads
If you love your make-up as much as you love your skin, you know just how eminent cotton buds/pads are!

Always trying to find the one made of ingredients that are skin friendly, but the only snag to them is the waste quantity. Sephora has worked strenuously to come up with this another planet positive product, the reusable cotton pads.

Pack It All Organizer
Now that you have a list of all the essentials to buy with Sephora’s birthday gift 2021, you need a classy, handy yet spacious organizer to put it all in.

Sephora’s pack it all organizer like all its other product serves just the right purpose. It is spacious and travel-friendly.  way you please.

We hope this article helps you use the Sephora’s birthday gift 2021 wisely!