Top Reasons For Irregular Tyre Wear And Tear- A Guide!

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It is visible to everyone that tyre are the only point of contact between our vehicle and the road. And there are many foreign materials on the road such as dust, nails, mud, potholes, kerbs, etc, that are dangerous to the tyre’s health.

No matter how much you try, you can’t stop your tyres from getting those damages. But, you can surely elongate their lifespan and health through regular maintenance and servicing. Your tyres should be strong and well enough to withstand the different kinds of roads that come ahead and your driving style as well.

But, your tyres will start to degrade one day. And when that day comes, you have to replace them. While damages are common over a period of time, uneven damages are not. Irregular damages on your tyre surface mean there is something wrong with your tyre or another thing that is causing unnatural damage to your car tyres.

There could be some issues with your tyre and wheel balancing or alignment, tyre tracking or maybe faulty suspensions, etc. So, we have this article for you to let you know about the factors that can cause irregular wear and tear on your Tyres Widnes and how can you prevent them.

Reasons for inside and outside tyre damages

Tyre pressure plays a very important role in determining your tyre health. The weight of the whole vehicle depends on the air pressure level. And having low air pressure increases the friction between the road and the vehicle while it is moving. The heat that comes out of this results in irregular wear and tear of the tyre from the edges.

It is because edges are the part that comes in contact with the road when there is a low-pressure level in the tyres. If you notice any physical damage on the outside of the tyre due to this, check the inside of the tyre as well.

You should avoid this and look out for punctures in the tyres. Sometimes there are tiny punctures that result in slow out letting of the air.

Likewise, over-inflation causes the centre of the tyre to be in frequent touch with the road. This further increases the damage to the centre of the tyre. Over-inflation also causes irregular wear and tear of the tyres.

Both conditions can result in a sudden burst of tyres. The driver might lose control over the steering and put themselves and other people on the road in grave danger. So, always look out for your tyre pressure level.

Wheel alignment can also cause irregular damages

This phenomenon refers to the angle of the wheels of your car or their position. They should e in a straight position to make sure that your steering capability is accurate. But at times, the tyres can tilt to the sides.

So, if your tyres are deteriorating in a particular area. And none of the pressure levels is at fault, your wheel alignment might be off. You can also ensure the problem if your vehicle tilts to one side of the road while driving.

Check your tyres for damages:

You can do it at home too. One of the easiest ways to check your tyres for damages at home is y the 20p test. Take a coin ad place it inside the tread depth of your tyre. If the tyre edges show, you should take your tyre for a replacement. Because this means that your tread level is too low.

Tyres generally come with a tread depth of 8mm. But after continuous use, it degrades. If it goes below 3mm, according to experts, you should change it. But if it goes below 1.6mm, it is illegal to drive on those tyres. You could pay a fine for it.

So, replace the tyres, not just for the sake of fine, but for your own safety.

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