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Top 7 Trendy Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling in Dallas

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Remodeling a kitchen not only improves its look but also enhances its functionality. People often get confused about how and where to start when it comes to remodeling their kitchen. Therefore, the experts of kitchen remodeling in Dallas can help you to upgrade your kitchen look, starting from the floor to walls and cabinets.

7 Ideas to Execute While Remodeling a Kitchen

  1. Add a Multipurpose Kitchen Island

Installation of a kitchen island not only creates a focal point but also helps you in multiple ways. You can consider it as a large space for preparing meals or chopping your fruits, veggies, and more.

Your family may enjoy a quick meal at that island counter. In this case, do not forget to keep some space to place stools and chairs for sitting arrangements. There is also the option of a portable kitchen island so that you can move it to another area when not needed.

You can utilize the space below your kitchen island for storing cooking utensils, spices, oil, etc. If there is not enough space in your kitchen area, you can go for a small island with one or two storage compartments and a countertop.

If you have enough space to set up a large island in your kitchen, the placement of a single countertop is not necessary. Instead, you can customize it by finding a spot to fix the sink and tap for your need. Also, the placement of stylish wooden and metal stools will enhance your kitchen decor.

  1. Focus on Your Cabinet Design

As the cabinets in a kitchen are the focus, it is important to concentrate on your kitchen cabinet design. You will find many experts in kitchen remodeling in Dallas who will help you with your kitchen renovation and ease the process. These professionals will also help you to find out the perfect shades and pattern of kitchen cabinet, the one that matches your dream kitchen.

  1. Show creativity on your shelving

There are no terms and conditions when it comes to setting up your kitchen shelves and racks. Installing your open shelves in rows offers a neat and disciplined vibe. If you want some creativity, think outside the box. Arrange the shelves disorderly to create a whimsical look in your kitchen.

In this way, you can display your precious kitchen items like spice or cookie jars, designer cups or mugs, etc. Also, there is a chance to hide your cracked wall behind the decorated racks. Wooden racks will be a good choice as they work well with any background color.

Wall-mounted open selves are also beneficial to install as they utilize abundant spaces like the corners in your kitchen. Also, you can go for stainless-steel basket shelves to hang your mugs and other cooking appliances.

  1. Invest in backsplash tiles

There is a high chance of your kitchen wall getting stained with spills and grease. It not only damages your wall but also makes it look unattractive. The kitchen backsplash protects the area between the countertop and the cabinets in your kitchen.

The color and pattern of the tiles on the background of your shelves and cabinets make a complementary statement for your kitchen look. It changes the visual appeal enhancing the look of your modular kitchen.

If you opt for ceramic tiles, it would be easy for you to clean the backsplash. Also, an arch-shaped designer window works as an airy aesthetic backsplash in your kitchen. You can also attach some wallpapers with pretty patterns or with beautiful paintings on your wall.

  1. Add contrasting countertops

You will find a wide variety of materials, such as marble, concrete, glass, granite, wood, soapstone, etc. Whatever you choose, install the same as the island countertop to create uniformity in your kitchen area.

Wooden countertops bring a cottage-like vibe to your kitchen. Wood has highly heat-resistant properties that make it an ideal countertop material for preparing food. It also blends well with any cabinet shade.

Marble countertops are evergreen in the kitchen design world. These are conventional and lend a high-end look to any kitchen countertop. Marble countertops are also available in several colors so that you can match them up with your cabinets.

Granite and stainless steel countertops are also significant for their durability. So, before selecting among them, imagine what your dream kitchen would look like. If you are still confused, then reach out to experienced professionals in kitchen remodeling in Dallas who can give you some quality suggestions.

  1. Upgrade your floor

Try to create a contrast between the kitchen floor and the walls and the cabinets while remodeling your kitchen. Natural wood or a single color for the floor suits better in a modular kitchen.

While purchasing kitchen floor tiles, you must consider their quality and durability. As there is more traffic in your kitchen area, tiles of poor quality can be damaged or cracked over time. If you are looking for kitchen remodeling in Dallas, reach out to an authentic service provider to get reliable service and materials.

  1. Install Light Fixtures

Light fixtures play a vital role in kitchen areas. The tone of the lights decides the vibe in your kitchen.

For a modern, bright look, you should install white lights while the yellow tone offers a cozy appearance. Long pendants with simple designs over the kitchen island accentuate your kitchen decor. Also, you can fix smart LED lights under the cabinets to illuminate your cooking area perfectly.