Things To Consider When Choosing The Right Generator For Rent

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Generators are dedicated to providing power supply during your construction project. They are highly needed in areas where electricity is not frequently available. It is sometimes required in residential projects as well when the proper utility lines are not set. The rent generators help in running your construction equipment and other essential tools.

But the question arises here, how do choose the best generator that fits best to your construction project. You would always be worried about it. But here, in this article, we have mentioned a few things to consider while choosing the right generator for your project even on rent.

  • Know the operating wattage of the equipment

It is very important to know the need for watts for your construction equipment on the job site. Such as different industrial equipment for sale have different requirements for the operation. The generator must fulfill the need of that required power supply. The power supply that is produced by a generator depends on its size and capacity. If you will choose the low-power generator then your equipment cannot be operated. Whereas the high-power generator is useless for a project that does not need the operation of any heavy equipment.

Some equipment needs more power to start than it needs for the operation. This is called a starting wattage. Once your equipment starts then it may go down on the need for wattage. For example, if an equipment pump has a capacity of 0.5 horsepower, then it will need almost 2150-4100 watts to get started. After the start, it can smoothly run at 1050 watts. In this case, you must know the starting and operating need of wattage for your equipment.

  • Fuel source of a generator

Another important factor to consider while choosing a rent generator for your project is the source of fuel used. Know that the generator is operating on what kind of fuel, gas, or petroleum. It is also suggested that f you already have a generator that is running on gas, then you must choose the other one that runs on the same fuel.

Further, it also depends on the price of fuel. For example, if petroleum fuel is way more expensive in your region and you need a generator for the long term then it is better to opt for the gas-operated generator. Whereas it must keep in mind that a diesel-operated generator gives longer performance than gas-operated generators.

  • Decibel rating

Decibel rating is an important factor to consider which is neglected most of the time. The recommended decibel rating for the worker is 85 decibels per 8 hours. The exceeding limit of it may cause serious hearing problems in the workers. Check out the generator’s decibel rating before renting it out. It is mentioned on the generator or in the user manual. If it is difficult to find a low noise-producing generator, then you should use the generator silencer to keep the noise minimum.


The generator is required in most construction projects to provide the power supply to the rent industrial equipment for sale and other tools. It is important to know some basic factors before renting out the generator. In this article, you can find all the basic things to consider while choosing the right generator.