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The True Meaning of Bespoke Jewellery

It’s very easy to confuse customised jewellery with custom-made, bespoke jewellery. You might have heard the term ‘bespoke jewellery from Hatton Garden.’ But what does that actually mean? How do you differentiate a truly bespoke jewellery piece from commercial jewellery pieces?

What is genuine custom bespoke jewellery?

Custom-made, bespoke jewellery in London refers to when the jewellery designer works with you as a partner to design a piece based on your preferences entirely. In this case, you as a customer can tell exactly what you need in terms of the metal, design, stones, etc.

As you might expect, bespoke jewellery is a specially made order which comes with a particular price tag. Moreover, you need special certifications and experience as a designer for these kinds of jewellery pieces.

That’s why very few reputed places like Prestige Valuations are capable of developing unique bespoke engagement rings, necklaces, and other pieces.

Another important point is to order from a place where you can also go for jewellery repairing. This way, even if anything happens with your jewellery, it is easy to get them repaired.

Bespoke Jewellery London

Why should you order bespoke jewellery in London?

There are many explanations why you should opt for a bespoke piece instead of buying from a retail jewellery store.

The uniqueness

A custom piece of bespoke jewellery is unique. Everything is being done according to your taste, from its design to the gems, so no one will have something like this. Your own individual input is what makes custom-made jewellery so unique.

It is a value for money

Working with bespoke jewellery designers in London, you will get the full value of your investment. A lot of times, the overall cost for custom-made jewellery is much less than the one bought in a store.

Sometimes, you get a warranty for up to ten years. So, for jewellery repairing in the future, you can always get that for free.

Custom-made jewellery will always get you the best of the designers, and you won’t regret your investment for a minute!

No quality issues

Many times, there are quality issues with the stones or the metals. It is mass-produced, so you cannot rely on it much. However, a 22-carat gold diamond ring will always have the exact quantity, and quality of materials promised to you.

jewellery repairs

A piece of custom-made, bespoke jewellery from Hatton Garden will always be superior to a commercial buy from a store.

It is super romantic

We understand that not all bespoke jewellery is bridal or romantic. Still, custom-made jewellery is more eminent with engagement and wedding purposes.

 There is something just so special about creating a design, a unique jewellery piece just for your fiancé.

 Many couples are recognising this fact and opting for a custom route every year. Be it engraved wedding rings or a rare solitaire diamond engagement ring; custom jewellery is romantic and thoughtful.

Emotional involvement

There is an undeniable emotional connection that is attached with bespoke pieces of jewellery. As you are actually involved throughout the whole process, it makes the piece more memorable both the person you are gifting to and you.

The effort is appreciated, and you can make changes to the design in case you are not satisfied.

It is unlimited

There are a lot more possibilities with bespoke jewellery. The entire process is done from scratch so you can get your imaginations wild. Jewellery shopping is a limited experience. The shops might not have the specific things you are looking for—but a piece of custom-made jewellery won’t have this problem at all.

How does the process work?

Earlier, it would cost a lot to get started for a piece of bespoke jewellery in London. The development could have taken months.

But that’s not the case today!

With more efficient technology, you can expect the order to be delivered within two to three weeks from your initial meetings.

With 3-D printing technology and other software, the jewellery designer can render the jewellery within days. The client doesn’t even need to have a sketch, a highly trained designer can create the whole thing based on ideas or some reference images.

Customers now have many opportunities to get a digital view or a wax version of the actual jewellery before its cast. So, if you want to gift something to a special someone, bespoke jewellery will be the right way to make it memorable and thoughtful.