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The Growing Responsibility for Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging – Pros and Cons?

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Why do we need packaging? To protect our cosmetic products? To deliver them to the customer’s location safely? Yes. Of course. But another very crucial purpose which Cosmetic Packaging serve, and it is that they persuade the target audience to buy your product.

Cosmetic Packaging is a form of marketing communication. It interacts with your concerned audience and informs them about your product, but it should persuade them enough to buy it as well. This is the basic requirement and it must be served. Otherwise, you may not get the desired revenue and outcome from your investments.

What difference does it make?

In general, the packaging allows you to engage your audience. But it is only possible with custom packaging. As you get the adequate freedom to design your boxes in your desired style, you can set the tone right. You can also select the colors and box shape. Basically, you can control everything. However, you may need the professional help to ensure the right implementation of your vision.

In standard packaging where you can’t make any changes, you just have to buy whatever is available. To the contrary, in custom packaging you start from scratch. So from materials, box style, pattern, printing, color scheme to the overall appeal and the conveyed message and tone, everything is done according to your taste.

But where this option gives brands liberty, it also brings a sense of responsibility to them. Because the audience then expects them to be considerate about their decisions and choices.

And, we all are aware of the increasing issue of climate change. It has made the woke audience conscious of their waste production and plastic consumption. They are concerned, and they should be. Resultantly, majority of the population has started switching to brands that offer sustainable packaging. This allows them to be accountable about their plastic wastage and helps them play their individual role as the positive contributor to the society.

In the meantime, that calls for sustainable packaging if you want your brand to survive the competition pressure.

The Need for Sustainable Packaging

The situation demands brand owners to stop adding more waste to the environment, and with their plastic packaging, stop forcing the customers to do so.

Transparency is the new cool

Transparency has become the new cool – something to be proud of, to brag about. The brands that are transparent about their production process, packaging approaches, and thoughtful choices are very much appreciated and more likely to be trusted by the public.

This brings us to the 3Rs which are mentioned below

Focused 3Rs – Recycle, Reduce, and Replace

The brands have started designing their strategies by keeping the 3Rs as their pivotal focus. Recycle and reduce obviously dictates that we should recycle every reusable item, and reduce plastic waste. However, replace brings a new concept here. The concept of reusing, which can be seen as traveling backward in terms of packaging evolution. It promotes reusable packaging solutions. Like, instead of getting single-use packaging, why not get the packaging that can be used for a long time while you refill the product once it’s finished? This very idea has gained massive popularity with several stores that only sell products, and without any packaging. It means that you will be required to bring some containers or old packaging along with you to the store, and reduce the plastic waste.

However, people have mixed opinions about this approach.

Why Brand Should Go for Sustainable Packaging After All?

There are numerous benefits of using sustainable Cosmetic Boxes for your latest products. Let’s have a look at some of them.

–     Promising Market Prospect

The most positive outcome of using eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging is that you get the chance of creating an influential brand image. The discussion about the impacts of pollution and plastic waste on our environment has been going on for more than decades. To add more to it, mass media and social media have made information more readily and widely available for everyone. So today, the majority of the public, especially young adults are quite conscious about their choices.

–     Win Customer Loyalty

We can even see big names shifting to eco-friendly packaging already. Many have even adopted creative packaging designs that can promote upcycling. Such decisions from the brand’s side give the message that they are keeping up with the market requirements and timely adapt to what’s needed. This increases their chances of creating more trustworthy relations with the customers, and bring more value to their name.

–     Get the Considerable Market Share

Even though the debate is going on for a long time and we can find many names focusing on it. But there is still a lot of space left in the market. Your brand could be the next movement leader. By keeping up with the trends and doing what’s necessary for time, you can easily reach out to your audience and build a ‘brand’ worthy reputation.

–     Use Recycled Material

With sustainable packaging, you can use recycled material. This cuts you from buying fresh raw material every time. The waste will decrease and so the overall cost.

How is it Limiting?

However, as every coin has two sides, sustainable packaging also has some downsides of its own. Regardless of all the good factors, it is always not easy to implement, especially when it comes to Cosmetic Packaging.

–     May Not Be Always Pretty

The paper can be recycled over six times. It means that oftentimes, many batches may come discolored, too frail, and too vulnerable to experiment with. You may also get limited with your feature and printing options. Meanwhile, as the packaging speaks volumes, this makes them less ideal for making luxury Cosmetic Packaging. Because luxury packaging has demands of its own that should be met.

–     Not Always Cheap

As the paper has already been used, the manufacturers need advanced technology to completely wash the past resins and make them usable again. And, obviously, the machinery is always costly. So it may end up costing you more than simple packaging.

Meanwhile, all these possibilities can certainly make you doubtful. But can you risk losing your customers just because all other brands have switched to sustainable packaging, leaving you the only one who hasn’t?

You will not want to waste all your investments, efforts, and energy just because of a few timely limiting fears. Take up the challenge! Take it as a challenge and make the switch. It will be scary at first, but the audience for which you are taking the step already understands the situation. They will appreciate your conscious decision, and without caring about anything else.

So don’t lag behind. Become one of the leaders. Be the leader. Get sustainable packaging for your products and amaze your public with your creative designs!