SUPPLIER OF MARBLE AND Natural Stone Supplier

SUPPLIER OF MARBLE AND Natural Stone Supplier

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SUPPLIER OF MARBLE AND NATURAL STONE Marble slabs and other natural stone slabs are source from quarries all over the world. We are a natural stone supplier of high-quality marble, travertine, onyx, quartzite, granite, and other stone kinds for use in furniture, construction, and interior decoration projects, in addition to utilising this stone in our custom stone furniture.

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Each piece of natural stone furniture is carved from a single slab of stone. Each block comes from a location where minerals and other ingredients crystallised over thousands of years under extreme pressure and heat. The mineral composition and formation conditions have an impact on the texture, colour, marbling pattern, and other properties of the stone.

Our natural stone furniture is constructed from a variety of stone varieties acquired directly from quarries around the world, including marble, travertine, onyx, quartzite, semi-precious stones, and more.

When the stone slabs arrive at our workshop, they have already travell a long way from the quarry where the stone was created in the mountains or hills. Those mountains could be a few miles or a few thousand kilometres away from the workplace. Each kind comes from a different region of the world, and some are known for the quality and colour of the stones they produce.

We look into the origins of the varieties of stone we supply and utilise in The Davani Group’s furniture, tiles, and cladding in this post. Check out OUR STONE INVENTORY to see any of the natural stones featured here.


Marble is mined all around the world, but the most well-know marbles are quarried near our factory in Italy. White and grey marbles such as Calacatta, Carrara, and Statuario are quarried in Italy and have been for thousands of years. When you visit a Roman building in Italy, it is almost always make of Calacatta marble.

The following are examples of marble quarried in Italy:

  • Calacatta
  • Classico
  • Bianco
  • Avorio
  • Statuarietto
  • The Iberian Peninsula is also a major producer of marbles, with quarries producing the magnificent black and white Nero Marquina and creamy Gray Marfil kinds. Grigio St Marie is a French wine.

Beyond Europe, Iran produces Persian or Pietra Gray marble, and China is know for green marbles like Verde Ming and the beautiful grey Silk Georgette.

Wholesale raw marble blocks
One of our gorgeous white Italian marble blocks.

A Roman travertine pillared interior walkway.
Italian travertine limestone is ideal for earth tones and browns.


Travertine is create from the same carbonate minerals as marble, but the technique is different. It is a layer-forming sedimentary rock that has been utilise as a building material for thousands of years. The Romans used travertine slab extensively, which is why it is frequently referre to as “Roman travertine.”

Travertine comes primarily from Europe, mainly Italy, and to a smaller proportion from Turkey and Iran.

Here are some examples of travertine from different parts of the world:

Bronzo Travertino

ONYX SUPPLIER Travertine Classico Travertine Noce Alabastrino Travertine Travertino Silver
Onyx is a silicate material having a characteristic pattern of parallel bands, unlike marble and travertine. Tiles is use in a range of furniture from the Davani Group, including the Shiro modular shelf system.

Among the more than 30 onyx variations in our stone inventory are:

Onyx Brioche Onyx Fantasia Onyx Black
Onyx comes from a variety of places, including Iran, India, and Pakistan.

Interior living space with white onyx slabs on the walls
This interior living room is enhance by beautiful white onyx slabs.

Blue Amazonite quartzite was use to create this luxurious table.
A luxurious table composed of Amazonite quartzite, a beautiful blue quartzite.


When sandstone is subject to extreme heat and pressure, quartzite forms as a glassy crystalline stone. Quartzites are white or grey at their purest, but the inclusion of additional minerals gives them a variety of hues and patterns.

We employ a variety of quartzite stone in our furniture, with colours ranging from Calacatta Do Brasil’s dazzling white to Silver Fusion’s black and silver, with numerous blues, greens, and browns in between.

Quartzite is mine all over the world, including in Brazil, Indonesia, and Italy.