Smarter Responses to Booking Requests with No Available Rooms

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When a hotel has no rooms available, things get a little saddening for the guests. How a hotel deals with the situation here is what makes a difference and has the guests coming back; to check for a room on their next trip. A hotel needs to work on smarter responses to booking requests with no available rooms; because we want our guests to visit us again or make a booking for a later date instead. To prepare for your guests beforehand, you can place your hotel supplies order at D-ZEE, To learn how you’re going to be placing an order on their website, read more: The response for no booking you’re working on depends on how you’re breaking the news to the customer, whether it is through the website or on call.

Why Are There No Rooms Available?

Depending on the hotel property size there are times, when all the rooms are booked; and there no rooms available till a certain time period. This could be due to various reasons, which includes, it is traveling season, and many people have made bookings. It could also be due to weather changes and other unforeseen circumstances which forces many people to make bookings without much notice. The hotel is very popular and everyone is making their bookings with them. It could also be that it only one of the few hotels in the area and there is not much choice left.

Hotel Responses with No Rooms to Rent

Smarter responses to booking requests with no available rooms help you politely get the message across and help you create future guests.

·       We Could Add You to Our Chance List…

“We regret to inform you, we have no rooms available but if you would like, we can add you on our chance list, in case there is a cancelation.”

This response helps hotels create an emergency guest list in case guests who had originally made the booking do not show up or cancel last minute. This is a smart way to let guests know they are always welcome and that though they cannot be hosted at this point; they are a priority and will be contacted when there is space. This way you don’t lose out on a guest and they can always get back to you when they make a booking next time. You also receive their contact information, which you can use to contact them once there is an open slot.

·       No Rooms Available Before this Date…

“We regret to inform you, we don’t have any free rooms available at the moment, but if you can, we can book you for the closest date.”

This is a response that will help you take pre-bookings for later dates in case guests are ready to adjust their traveling schedule around it. Most people who have not booked their flights will shift around their plan if they can. It would allow hotels to pre-book guests and adjust them around a schedule that is convenient for them. Since, the booking is confirmed, guests are more likely to take this option instead of waiting for a chance cancelation. Completely depending on the guest traveling plan, this response is something that helps hotels increase their booking rate. Guests who are on

·       How About We Add You to Our Emailing List for Further Updates…

When you have no rooms available and travelers decide to stay elsewhere; what you can do is ask for their contact information to let them know if there are any changes in case. You can also ask for permission to add them to your hotel mailing list for future bookings and deals. Even if things don’t work out for you at the moment, you can always offer them a deal that they can avail later on.

Why Do You Need Smarter Hotel Replies?

Hotels are always looking for guests to increase booking and occupancy rates. But when they do hit full capacity especially during on-season, things get a little difficult to manage. Dealing with guests needs to be strategic, you have to refuse them a room but you need to ensure; it is not too rude and you need to think about future business.

Smart hotel replies when there are no rooms available creates future business and the hotel creates a cordial relationship with the potential guests.


A hotel needs to be hospitable and inviting even when there are no rooms available; guests are always a priority. These smart replies help you with that aim and your guests even though refused a room are satisfied with the customer service. How you deal with guests does count a lot and if you are not prepared to deal with guests, it reflects negatively on the hotel.


These smarter responses to booking requests with no available rooms help you increase business later on when bookings are slow. Which replies do you usually use when there are no rooms available in your hotel? Let us know in the comments below.