Role of Finest and Additional Add-ons In Custom Lipstick Boxes

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Lipstick is the essential chunk of making products that change a person’s personality in only a few seconds. In the cosmetic industry, endless war is started to create the best quality lipsticks and other lip care products. But the competition is going tough day by day, and due to this, many brands jump into the industry with some distinctive motive. For instance, some claim the tag of cruelty-free products, and some claim to use cocoa in lipstick.  Also, they make their fruitful efforts to boost up the brand value to build a large customers base who trust them. At the time, custom lipstick boxes are best for packing your lipsticks due to various reasons that are enlisting below for you.

  • Protect your lipstick from damaging
  • Prevent from dust and dullness
  • Improve your branding
  • Best for your promotion
  • Help you to communicate with your audiences

Although you can design fabulous lipstick boxes by option custom options like style, printing content, material, etc., don’t forget to insert the add-on in your custom lipstick packaging. Let’s see the role of add-on for your lipstick boxes and how it makes your boxes engrossing.

Apply Blind Embossing Pattern on Custom Lipstick Boxes

The first choice is to use embossing coating on your lipstick packaging boxes. Embossing gives the raised look to the particular area of design, logo and brand name, etc. Next to this, embossing is used on the cardstock surface with colors as well as without any color. The embossing that is used on custom lipstick boxes without any color is called blind embossing. However, the use of blind embossing looks more attractive and decent compared to using extra shades for embossing purposes. Also, you can use embossing on all types of cardstock likewise; cardboard, Kraft, and rigid.

Use Debossing to bestow sunken Look of Design

As similar to embossing, most people like to give a debossing touch in their packaging. The debossing coating is the opposite of the embossing effect, and it gives the sunken look of the area you select to highlight. This coating is also done by using colors and without any color on the cardstock of your lipstick packaging box. The debossing process that is done without colors is called blind debossing. Also, it is best for logo, brand name, product name, and Est Date.

Use foil Stamping and Fully Metalized Boxes

Another option is to pick foil stamping for your lipstick boxes. Packaging suppliers also provide fully metalized lipstick boxes with print your provided brand info. But, these boxes are quite expensive, so you can choose another option for your lipstick box packaging that is foil stamping. This foil stamping is the minimalistic way to provide quality packaging to the packaging of your product. Add to this; brands use foil stamping in various shades for printing logo, brand name, and product name. Here is the list of colors that you can use to make your brand specification for your company.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Rose gold
  • Turquoise
  • Soft pink
  • Hot dark pink
  • Gunmetal

Annexation of Spot UV Pattern on Your Lipstick Boxes

If you want to give a shiny surface to a particular part of your lipstick boxes, then you definitely give it a try to spot UV patterns for your lipstick. As a name shows, spot means to apply the coating on a specific spot like logo, products name, and 3D graphic design on lipstick packaging. If you love this coating, then you can easily choose this lipstick packaging wholesale at a competitive market price.

Give Waxy and Velvety Look with Matte Coatings

As similar to glossy and UV printing, another famous look is matte. Such sort of lipstick is best to pack matte liquid lipstick inside the box. So, you can bestow an esthetic look by using velvety or waxy coating for your custom liquid lipstick packaging perfect. The major characteristics of this coating are it never gives a glossy and smooth surface to your box.

Inserts and Personalized Notes inside the Box

The power of unboxing is unforgettable, and you just need to know the best tactics how you can improve them. So, you can give value to your customers by using product info inserts that deliver complete information about the product to your end-users. Apart from this, you can print personalized notes and wishes for your customers inside the box. For this purpose, if you want, you can print a 2-color box and use readable as well as stylish text for printing inside the custom lipstick packaging box.

Aqueous Coating and Lamination To Protect the Printed Content

Aqueous coating and laminations protect the printing information, design, and content from vanishing and removing. These coatings enhance the durability of your content and make your custom printed lipstick boxes capable of fighting environmental effects for protecting.  Also,  lipstick box print damaging in moisture and high temperature with harmful sun rays.

Use of Eva Foam for Opulent Look

The use of Eva Foam additional material is directly related to the security of your fragile lipstick. So, you can opt for this choice for your lipstick packaging boxes to ensure the durability of your lipsticks and enhance their enthralling look for lipstick lovers. The use of EVA foam provides strong walls and mold for your lipstick to fix in one place. But maybe the use of this foam is a little bit expensive for you, so choose carefully for your brand.

Punch Partition and Fence Partition for Display Lipstick Boxes

With the secure lipstick packaging for delivery to customers’ hands, the presentation of your lipstick is also mandatory. So, you need to construct lipstick display boxes that cosmetic retailers also place on their top counters to grasp the consumer’s attention. On this subject, you can use display lipstick boxes with a logo that plays a major role in the branding of your brand. Also, it makes your product place of purchase (POP) and place of sale (POS).

However, the best option is to use four corner display lid boxes and countertop display boxes with punch partitions to strongly catch your lipstick for an appealing presentation for the customers. These fence and punch partitions are easily made with any kind of heavy-duty cardstock that are enlisting below for you

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Corrugated

Ending Thoughts

So, the discussion mentioned above revolves around the ways that help you to increase your lipstick appearance’s esthetics. Due to this, the use of an add-on on the custom lipstick boxes assists you in making appealing and charming lipstick packaging for you. So, you can add a waxy look, punch partitions, fence partitions, EVA foam, inserts, and annexation of UV Spot pattern on your lipstick boxes. Also, many other features help you increase the security of lipstick and its beautification to boost your brand growth.