QuickBooks Error 12157

QuickBooks Error 12157: 100% Effective Troubleshooting Guide

QuickBooks Error 12157 is a complicated technical issue that generally appears while getting various updates, like the payroll update in the QB Desktop application. This error actually belongs to the 12000 error series, and these errors are related to improper internet connection setup.

Due to this technical problem, the update process gets suddenly interrupted, and the QB users are not able to utilize the improved features & tools.

By studying this error, experts have developed several techniques to resolve it, and these techniques have been described in this detailed blog.

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QuickBooks Desktop 12157 Error Message: Top Reasons

The QuickBooks Desktop 12157 Error Message mostly arises due to the factors described below:

  • Imperfect settings of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser & incorrect date and time settings on the system clock can trigger QB Error 12157.
  • Another prominent factor that usually provokes this issue is the outdated QB application on the user’s computer.

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Common Techniques to Rectify 12157 Error Code in QuickBooks Desktop

The 12157 Error Code in QuickBooks Desktop can be suitably eliminated through the techniques explained below:

Technique. 1: Properly edit the Internet Explorer (IE) browser settings to ensure complete rectification of this problem

  • To easily edit the Internet Explorer (IE) browser settings, you have to first open up the IE browser by double-clicking on its icon, and then you must tap the ‘Tools’ icon located at the top-right corner so that you can easily hit the ‘Internet Options’ tab.
  • Just thereafter, a separate window titled ‘Internet Options’ will show up on your screen, and you must straightaway go to the ‘Advanced’ tab to immediately click on the ‘Restore Advanced Settings’ button.
  • After that, save the changes done in the IE browser settings by hitting the ‘OK’ button,and then you can successfully obtain the relevant updates in the QB Desktop application.

Technique 2: Ensure that the system clock displays a valid date & time on your Windows Desktop

  • Immediately reach the bottom-right corner of the Windows Desktop on your system where the date & time are displayed, and then you have to correctly right-click on the system clock to choose the ‘Adjust date/time’ tab.
  • Just after that, a window titled ‘Date and Time’ will show up on the screen, and on that window, you shall tap the ‘Change date and time’ button so that you can easily edit the date & time settings.
  • Once the date & time settings are correctly edited, you just need to tap the ‘OK’ button to save the new changes, after which you can proceed ahead to successfully get the latest updates in the QB application.

Technique 3: Simply reset the QB Desktop updates to remove any bugs from previous updates & then obtain the latest updates

  • To correctly reset the QB Desktop updates, you have to first launch the QB Desktop application on the computer and then identify & tap on the ‘Help’ menu so that you can swiftly hit the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ tab.
  • Just thereafter, tap the ‘Update Now’ option and then mark the ‘Reset Updates’ checkbox, after which you only need to strike on the ‘Get Updates’ button to finally download the latest QB updates.
  • At this final step, just install the fresh QB updates, and then this error will be easily exterminated.

QuickBooks Error 12157 can be simply resolved by correctly implementing the aforementioned techniques. For more technical guidance, dial 1-855-856-0042 to contact our QB Professionals Team.

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