QuickBooks Error 103

QuickBooks Error 103: Read the Updated Technical Guide Here

QuickBooks users utilize the banking feature of QuickBooks Online to seamlessly download and manage their banking transactions. Unfortunately, some errors like QuickBooks Error 103 often disrupt this straightforward process, and users are unable to view and manage the details of their financial transactions.

This banking error arises when the official bank’s server does not accept the login credentials entered by the QB user for signing into the bank account.

You can easily check out the detailed procedure to resolve this banking error in this blog.

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103 Error Message in QB Desktop: Most Relevant Reasons

The 103 Error Message in QB Desktop gets triggered due to the factors mentioned here:

  1. The most probable factor behind this error is that you have entered incorrect credentials into the login account page of your official bank.
  2. Sometimes users choose an incorrect bank while logging in to their credentials, and as a result, this error quickly appears on the screen.

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Effortless Procedure to Overcome103 Banking Error Code QuickBooks

The procedure explained below is designed for quick elimination of the 103 Banking Error Code QuickBooks:

Step A: Make sure that your login credentials (User ID and Password) are correct

  1. Firstly, you must quickly head towards your official bank’s website in the Internet Explorer browser, and then you need to type the login credentials (User ID and Password) into the banking account login page.
  2. Now, if you are able to successfully log into the banking account, then your existing credentials are valid, but if you are unsuccessful, then you need to create new credentials for your banking account.
  3. You can easily follow the relevant steps mentioned on the official bank’s website to create a new User ID and Password for your banking account.

Step B: Properly enable third-party access to your bank account to successfully connect it to QB Online

Many banks seek permission from their customers to connect their bank accounts to third-party services such as QuickBooks Online. If your official bank has any such requirement, you must rapidly follow the necessary procedure to allow QB Online direct access to your bank account.

As an example, if you have your bank account in KeyBank, then you can follow the steps elucidated below:

  1. Firstly, you must proceed to ‘Key.com’, and then you just have to enter your credentials to successfully log into your bank account.
  2. Next, you must carefully hit the ‘User Profile’ menu, and then you need to strike on the ‘Third Party Access’ button located under the ‘Password and Security’ section in the same window.
  3. Finally, you can tap on the ‘OK’ button to fully enable third-party access to your bank account in the KeyBank.

Step C: Correctly enter your valid credentials into the QB Online to access your banking transactions

  1. Firstly, you must visit the QuickBooks Online page, and then you need to strike on the ‘Banking Transactions’ tab located under the ‘Banking’ menu.
  2. Thereafter, you need to correctly choose the bank account that you desire to update, and then you must proceed forward to tap on the ‘Edit’ tab.
  3. After that, you must locate and click on the ‘Edit Sign-in Info’ button, and then you will be able to type the newly-generated credentials of your bank account in the specified place.
  4. Finally, you must confirm the new credentials in QB Online by hitting the ‘Update’ button, and then you can successfully access your banking data from QB Online.

This was the easiest and most reliable procedure to swiftly eradicate the QuickBooks Error 103. For more technical help regarding this error, dial 1.855.738.2784 to reach out to our QB Experts Team.

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