Munir Ahmad’s Career Path as an E-commerce Expert & Entrepreneur

Munir Ahmad’s Career Path as an E-commerce Expert & Entrepreneur

This article is about Mr. Munir Ahmad, an e-commerce expert, and entrepreneur. He is one of the best sellers on Amazon and has been working online for many years. Doing e-commerce business on various platforms but most of his business is on Amazon.

He not only handles a wide of clients but also provides consultancy on time management, business management, and future career.

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Mr. Munir Ahmad: A Brief Introduction

The CEO and founder of e-commerce planners (ABN Solutions), Munir Ahmad have 16 years of experience in business management.

As a result of his work experience with several organizations, he knows how to operate a successful business. Specifically, he helps people start Amazon Private Label Businesses.

He is a great public speaker as well as an active trainer. His goal is to motivate and inspire people to grow personally and professionally. He provides the best guidelines and all those who are facing difficulties in their future careers can get assistance.

An Overview of Mr. Munir Ahmad’s Career

An Overview of Mr. Munir Ahmad’s Career

He began his professional career after getting a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. In 2006 he joined Telenor Pakistan as a Customer Relationship Officer and served there until 2008.

Afterward, he began working in e-commerce and is actively working in it as a business owner and a service provider. He assists Amazon sellers in starting, maintaining, and growing their accounts in accordance with the Amazon Terms of Services.

The Journey to Dubai

In Dubai, he was hired by a software firm, which turned out to be the best part of his career. Through that experience, he has gained much insight and increased his skills.

Other Organizations where Munir Ahmad Worked?

  • AE
  • Roads & Transport Authority Dubai (RTA)
  • YAS Perfumes
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • The Ministry of Health

Furthermore, he learned more about marketing, business development strategies, and account management. It was a valuable experience he had in Dubai.

During his career, he learned a number of valuable skills and now helping others in reaching their goals.

The Journey from Dubai to Pakistan

Having quit his highly paid job in Dubai, Munir Ahmad moved to Pakistan in 2015 and become self-employed. He started working on DARAZ.PK and topped the list for three consecutive years.

Other online platform investments include GOTO, ISHOPPING, YAYVO, CLICKLY, etc. The passion for e-commerce didn’t stop him, so he invested over 1M in developing his own portal, called SHOPKER.PK.

The challenges he faced throughout his life didn’t stop him from hard working. Now, he is a successful entrepreneur.

During the Year 2019

After joining Sunny Ali’s Investor Bootcamp in 2019, his life changed. It was a life-changing experience for him to participate in this Bootcamp where he learned technical training.

During the Year 2022

His current role in Extreme Commerce Incubator is as a lead trainer. And currently runs over six personal launches in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Besides that. He is also responsible for 35+ accounts for both local and international clients.

Moreover, he runs an agency with over 25 high-performing employees. As the CEO of e-Commerce Planners, he is constantly involving the way the market operates. EP is one of the most reputed digital agencies in the country which offers full digital services including eCommerce.