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What is the meaning of the MOT?

The MOT expands to the Ministry of Transport. It is the annual test that ensures the vehicle is roadworthy. It is a procedure of testing the safety of a vehicle, carbon emissions, and roadworthiness. The driver and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) issued this test. There is a wide network of 23,500 MOT Ipswich test stations which include at least 66,000 MOT testers.

What is MOT exempt?

The vehicle does not need to get an MOT if it has an MOT exemption. It includes the following vehicles:

  • Cars younger than three years.
  • Classic cars older than 40 years have not had any changes made to them such as engine, chassis, axles or running gear in the past 30 years.
  • An electric vehicle that was in registration before March 2015.
  • Tractors.

One can easily think of mot tests as a car service. But it is not a car service. Car repair survival is very different from most of them. It only covers repairing or rectifying the issues with the vehicle. In comparison, the MOT test does not repair or service your vehicle.

It is a mandatory test by the UK government which makes sure that your vehicle is in full functioning condition and won’t harm others. An MOT contains a series of tests that ensure the physical structure of the vehicle and its working.

Getting an MOT’s does not necessarily mean your vehicle does not require car service. An MOT test is an annual test. A car needs regular servicing depending on the mileage run. Regular services make sure the vehicle is MOT ready.

If it is not in regular maintenance, then there are much more chances of failing the test. It is not possible to identify the root cause of the problem if the vehicle is out of maintenance because regular maintenance offers a record of the vehicle and its repair.

What does the MOT check include?

The MOT Ipswich mostly takes an hour for the inspection of your vehicle. If your vehicle is out of maintenance, there will be more tests which means more time. Make sure you take your vehicle to an auto repair shop before the test because they can rectify the problem if there are any with your vehicle so that you don’t fail the test.

It is better to prepare before you to an exam. We all at least go through the syllabus at least twice to make sure we are ready for everything. Of course, not all of us, but some of us do. When it comes to your vehicle, make sure you have gone through everything twice so that there is no chance of you failing the test. Go through the following list:

  • Steering should be well aligned and in working condition.
  • The horn should not play any other musical notes and should be audible to the driver in another vehicle.
  • The Brake system must be rust-free and function properly.
  • Lights on the dashboard and headlight must be in working condition as they warn us if any issue arises with your vehicle.
  • Seats and seatbelts must lock and function adequately.
  • Doors and openings should open and close from both inside and outside.
  • Exhaust and emissions must not through any visible smoke.
  • The vehicle’s identification must be authentic.
  • The tow bar should be rust-free.
  • Wheels and tyres should have proper inflation and tread depth.
  • Bodywork should be corrosion and scratch-free.
  • Windows and mirrors should be neat and clean without any chips or cracks.

Benefits of MOT

Many people ignore the condition of their vehicle. They do not care if there is a scratch or dent on their vehicle. What they lack to understand is that even a small dent can catch rust. We already know how rusting works, the metal catches the moisture and starts to corrode, which can further spread to other parts of the vehicle.

It can also hurt a pedestrian. Mot is here to make sure that the vehicle is safe and working for the safety of both parties, the one sitting in the car and the one walking outside.


You can drive your vehicle without a mot test. But if you got caught, there is a heavy fine which will surely make you regret not getting an MOT earlier. Mind that it is illegal to drive a vehicle without or even a failed MOT. The only time you can drive your vehicle without an MOT is when you are going for an MOT test, and you have an expiry Mot certificate.