Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes and their Categories

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Mobile cranes are equipment & it is mainly controlled with the help of cables. Main feature of mobile cranes is to ease transportation of heavy things. For the assembling & setup of these mobile cranes much effort is not required.

What are its Characteristics?

Mobile cranes are very useful for transportation purposes. Some of the features of mobile cranes are:

  • It mainly comprises a wheel-mounted base or a propelled crawler.
  • It lowers the loads with the help of a boom.
  • The boom of the crane can be used in both vertical & horizontal planes.
  • The tackle can change its size & get removed from a boom.
  • It all requires a motor.

How are these Mobile Cranes Classified?

There are many types of mobile cranes which are available for transportation purposes. Below are some of its types:

  • Crawler crane: These are the cranes which are helpful in carrying heavy loads from one place to another. Civil engineers uses such cranes due to their flexibility in loading weight. It can carry weight up to a maximum of 3500 tons. Before transportation, it is necessary to disassemble the crawler crane.
  • Carry Deck: This is a crane which can rotate at 360 degrees. It is a small crane in which the driver sits under the boom. This crane can easily carry the weight and put them to the defined location. The task of this crane is to take the load and move them to the nearest location.
  • All-terrain crane: This crane is a combined crane of both truck-mounted & rough-terrain cranes. It can move in rocky landscapes. And carry a maximum weight of 1300 tons.
  • Floating crane: Such types of mobile crane are useful at the barges, or on boats. They pick the material and drop them at the desired location. Such cranes can pick a maximum weight of 10000 tons.
  • Pick and carry crane: This crane is the same as the carry deck crane. The design of the crane is very unique. It does not require stabilizers for its formation. Such cranes can move easily on the road and can carry the load within the minimum distance. The capacity of this crane is a maximum of 10-40 tons.
  • Railroad crane: Such types of cranes mainly perform the task of the railroad. The most common use of such cranes is loading the freight goods, recovery of the operations, and maintenance work.

Above are some of the types of mobile cranes. Such cranes, widely used at different locations by engineers.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile Cranes

What are the Basic Requirements of a Mobile Crane?

There are many requirements which an employer must look at while taking the use of cranes. Some of them are:

  • He must look at the installation process of the crane. The installation, the design must be according to CSA standards.
  • The crane must be equipped with brakes, ropes, hooks & chains.
  • The mobile cranes must have the capacity to load enough weight.
  • The particular mobile crane must use for the specific purpose for which it is designed.
  • An engineer must inspect the mobile crane within 12 months.


It is concluded that the mobile cranes have their best use at the construction sites. These are very useful in carrying heavy items. Engineers use them for various purposes at the sites. One can use these cranes according to the style and design of the crane.