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Know All About The Stainless Steel Bright Bars

What are stainless steel Bright Bars?

Stainless steel bright bars are resources that are created from SS alloys via a cold drawing strategy in a cold reduction mill. They have a geometrically precise molecular framework with a very smooth surface coating which always shows up brilliant, giving it the name ‘Bright Bar’. It mostly makes up stainless steel with varying addition of carbon as well as traces of other components like chromium, manganese, iron, and so on.

Bright bars are extensively made use of by nearly all sectors due to their toughness, and resilience, and for corrosion-resistant homes. They have outstanding weldability and also machinability, which makes them complimentary for precision machining parts and building large, sturdy frameworks.

There are Bright Bars Used?

 Bright bars are a prime element for production in numerous sectors such as:

  1. Engineering, building, and construction to give timely stability and toughness as well as longevity to large frameworks.
  2.  In the auto market for developing structures as well as chassis
  3.  For developing barriers, trellis as well as surround societies and also public places
  4.  For the production of machine elements in different sizes and shapes
  5.   For making micro-size to mega-size bolt products for all industrial and non-industrial applications.

 SS Bright Bars are Used in the Production of –

  •   Machinery
  •   Grills
  •   Fasteners
  •   Shipbuilding
  •   Automotive
  •   Defense

What Are Different Types of SS Bright Bars

Stainless Steel Bright Flat Bar

  • 12mm Bright Bars
  • 10mm Bright Bars
  • Bright Steel Square Bar
  • Stainless Steel Bright Bars
  • Stainless Steel 304L Bright Bars
  • SS 316 Hexagonal Bright Bars
  • SS 304 Flat Bright Bars

Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Bright Bars

There are lots of various types of stainless-steel bars as well as rods are available on the market since they are utilized for the product. Thankfully, while there is most likely to be a steel bar product created for practically any type of kind or form of style that you might like to imagine, there are still a variety of rather common or standardized dimensions that often tend to be used in a much larger variety of various frameworks as well as applications.

As we kept in mind above, the one home of stainless steel that’s valued above all others is that it’s impressively resistant to several types of rust, relying on the specs of exactly how a provided stainless steel grade was produced.

However, the alloy additionally has a series of various other noteworthy residential properties that you should likewise keep in mind when looking for stainless steel poles, bars, sheets, and also various other items for detailed applications.


Check SS Bright Bars Price List


Product Name Price in US $ Price in INR Export country
Stainless Steel Bright Bars price FOB price US $1.78/kg INR 134/kg Netherlands
AISI 304L Bright Bars Price FOB price US $1.66/kg INR 125/kg Brazil
SS 304 Bright Bars Price FOB price US $1.66/kg INR 125/kg Brazil
Stainless Steel Bright Round Bars Price FOB price US $2.31/kg INR 174/kg Iran

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