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Know About Car and Wheel Alignment Services

Car Repair Service

You have to maintain your car constantly to have better mileage and performance. The interval between the two services depends on the age and mileage of your car. You also get a logbook with your new car where to can maintain a record. This helps you a lot if you are hoping to resell your vehicle. There are three kinds of Car Service Kidderminster.

1. Interim Service

This is the basic service required after every 6 months or after a car has covered 20,000km. Its service mainly includes a change of oils, filter replacement and inspection of the drive belt and main components of the car. It also includes lubrication of the moving components and inspection of the engine, brake, fluid brake etc.

2. Full-Service

It is an intermediate service that is necessary after every 12 months or after a car has covered 12,000km. Full service is suitable for drivers with low annual mileage. It mostly includes a change of filter, spark plugs, an inspection of brakes, wheel bearing, electrical components, air conditioning system, shock absorber, radiator and coolant hose.

3. Major Service

It is the master car service required after the car has covered 45,000km or 24 months. This service includes everything that is in interim and full car service. It also includes the replacement of worn-out parts, shock absorber and wheel bearing inspection, radiator and coolant hose check.

Importance of Car Repair Service

Now you must think about why to spend so much money on your vehicle when it is working perfectly fine. Below are a few reasons why.

  • A well-maintained vehicle keeps you safe and you won’t have to face an accident because of malfunctioning.
  • Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle in good condition and improves its efficiency.
  • It is also cost-effective in long term. Frequent breakdowns will cost you more. But maintaining your vehicle will prevent that from happening.
  • Avoiding breakdown by maintaining your vehicle will also save you time because some repairs might take a longer time to resolve.
  • It prevents your vehicle from any serious damage as well.
  • Keeping a maintenance record also increases the resell value of your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment

The vehicle suspension influences the direction of the tyres. Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angle between the tyre and the road surface. It differs from model to model, of the vehicle, depending on the optimal handling. The wheel’s alignment is necessary as it impacts the safety and wearing of the tyre. Get your Wheel Alignment Kidderminster today.

How Would You Know You Are Out of Alignment?

It is not difficult to identify the misalignment of your tyres. Take your vehicle to the auto repair shop for clearer input. If you have a misalignment do not put off repairing it as it can be very dangerous. A regular maintenance service will always ensure your wheel’s alignment.

  • The basic observation and most common sign is the drifting of your vehicle in a particular direction. Even if you are driving a straight road, when you leave your steering a few seconds, instead of going straight your vehicle pulls to right or left. This means you have a misalignment in your wheels.
  • Another common observation is your steering wheel. Nowadays all vehicles come with power steering. This means if you take a turn your steering should come back to its centre position. You might also experience it shaking, if it is loose or if it is slow in coming back to its ideal position, you have a misalignment in your wheels.
  • You can also try to observe your vehicle from outside. Park your vehicle straight. Then observe your wheels from the front of your vehicle. If your tyres are pointing inside or outside, it might be some misalignment. Uneven wearing is also a sign of misalignment.

Importance of a Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment service is as important as any other service. You can not avoid it. Because you will notice changes in your driving style and even in fuel consumption. Below are a few advantages of wheel alignment.

  • Wheel alignment helps in improving the durability of a tyre. A misaligned wheel will wear unevenly and require replacement. Further, it can also put stress on suspension and steering which will cause damage to other components of the vehicle.
  • As we already know how worn-out tyres put stress on the engine. For the engine to run, it will require more fuel. If you have proper alignment you won’t be facing uneven wearing of your tyre. This means your engine will work smoothly and also use only sufficient fuel.
  • With your wheels pulling your vehicle in an undesired direction, it is annoying to drive. With proper wheel alignment, you won’t be facing such drifts and your vehicle will run smoothly. In addition to that, your work in keeping your steering steady is also reduced. With the smooth running of your vehicle, you don’t have to compensate and work hard while driving.