Instagram Themes Ideas

Instagram Themes Ideas (& How to Get Them)

Have you been considering trying a brand new look for your Instagram grid, however don’t understand where to begin? Well, you’ve discovered the proper vicinity.

With so many feasible Instagram subject matters to choose from, the exceptional manner to parent out what style suits your logo is to get some notion through an expansion of Instagram feeds which can be rocking’ the IG sport.

Why You Need A Theme

Choosing the right subject matter can assist your emblem stand out. After all, whilst a capability follower comes to visit your webpage, the first aspect they’re going to have a look at is your top 9-12 posts.

If they’re organized in a cohesive topic, it can boom your possibilities of changing this person to a follower.

Beyond that, sticking with a subject also can assist you effortlessly make choices about what to post. While selecting and posting inside a subject may feel hard, it additionally lets you easily understand whilst a specific photo received match.

Posting within a subject enables your fans partner your brand along with your subject.

This manner, even if they’re simply scrolling via their feed, they’ll recognize your posts after they come across them.

“Make sure you choose an Instagram subject that fits and aligns nicely along with your logo so that growing snap shots to match with it feels natural and prefer an awesome fit.”

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We’ve collected popular Instagram subject ideas and a way to create them.

Color-Based Themes

  1. Yellow Instagram Theme

@thedrybar makes a specialty of growing an aesthetically eye-catching feed that carries their signature emblem coloration yellow. Whether it’s showcasing product photographs or behind the scenes posts, they make certain to observe their motto by way of “that specializes in one component and being the fine at it.”

How to Get the Look

Yellow is a color that represents happiness, positivity and energy. If you’re selecting an unmarried coloration to be your theme, ensure you select one which aligns together with your brand.

Once you pick out yellow, make sure that every and each publish by some means includes it.

Whether it’s a small accent piece or the complete history, yellow might be the only common place element linking all of your posts collectively.

2. Orange Instagram Theme

Choosing orange as an Instagram subject is a high-quality alternative. No count what colour you pick out, if making a decision to head the shade route, understand that there are many different sun shades of that shade.

It’s up to you if you want to stay with one shade in the course of your whole topic, or in case you want to combine it up depending at the day.

How to Get the Look

Bright orange is an exceptional color to reveal playfulness; mild orange is amazing as a chilled coloration – particularly like in a sunset.

Orange additionally communicates enthusiasm, so it is able to be an extraordinary color to apply whilst you’re on the point of percentage a thrilling statement or if you just want to enliven a Monday.

Get creative to locate things round you which might be orange, or use a filter out to feature some orange tones on your photo.

3. Blue Instagram Theme

Blue is a peaceful, cooling color that could simply make your Instagram stand out. Whether you need to partner with the blue shades of water and the ocean or if you’d alternatively get inspiration from the deep blue of an evening sky, the choice is yours.

How to Get the Look

Blue is a pretty not unusual color in nature. Skies are fantastic and can be remarkable backdrops if you’d like to add a quote or a message to your publish but want to stick with your blue topic.

Symbolizes information and serenity, so it’s an awesome service for critical messages.

4. Black & White Theme

Almost everybody loves a traditional black and white image. There’s something superbly nostalgic and but present day about it. It’s easy and elegant and may add an air of thriller to just about any photo you pick out.

How to Get the Look

Luckily, there are a few black and white filter options within Instagram itself. Try them out and spot which one looks first-rate on your photograph.

5. Red Theme

With a name like The Reds, The Cincinnati Reds had their subject easily picked out for them. Their web page does an awesome task of ensuring that something crimson is in each picture – and that it’s the best color of red.

How to Get the Look

If your logo has an effortlessly-recognizable color, go together with that one. But if you’re just picking a color that you like, you may need to don’t forget crimson.

Red symbolizes energy, dedication and desire. If you experience like your customers might resonate with the ones feelings, then take into account this look for your web page.

6. Food Themed Instagram

Choosing a food theme can seem obvious for a restaurant, food blogger or food critic, however what approximately for a brand or influencer? Don’t worry, you don’t should be a professional to partake.

While you may not be able to cross all-in like @thedetroitdiet, you may simply still exhibit your love of meals.

Start by way of strategically placing food inside the photographs you are taking, talking approximately it in your Stories or maybe dedicating at some point a week to showing a favorite dish you made.

How to Get the Look

Food images are excellent, but it’s no longer smooth. The biggest tip meals bloggers have for getting the proper shot is by the usage of herbal mild.

Make certain you’re going to be taking your images early in the day, instead of the night, and set your food up close to a window if you may.

Play around with some different angles and keep in mind that exercise makes best.