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Important Role of Transcreation in Marketing

You started your business and want to expand it to foreign markets. You are creating marketing campaigns so that you can target foreign markets. Developing a marketing campaign that resonates with a global market is not an easy task. You have to invest several resources to connect with the market that you want to target. There are different options available to translate marketing content like marketing translation, adaption, and transcreation services. The transcreation approach is used to take your marketing content to a global level.

What is Transcreation Services

It is a word that is used mostly by advertisers and marketers. Transcreation services is a method of adapting the marketing message from its original language into the language of the target market where you want your product and brand to be sold. Transcreation doesn’t change the context, style, tone, and intended message of marketing and advertising. However, it maintains it. The transcreation is successful if it brings the same meaning in the target language and provokes the same emotion as it brings out through an original language. In this era of globalization, many companies are going for marketing and advertising campaigns. Therefore, they have to follow transcreation so that their message resonates with cultural and linguistic nuances.

Alike localization, transcreation also takes into consideration the graphics and images so that their marketing material is according to the local target market. The main purpose of transcreation is to make the intended message altered according to a target language or specific dialect. The transcreation process is not related to language translation but includes creativity. Apart from language translation services, many translation companies are providing transcreation services too.  A transcreation professional takes into consideration the cultural and regional differences of each target market and ensures that your marketing and advertising message conveys your brand voice and touches the heart of the people.

Process of Transcreation Success

For a successful transcreation, you have to follow these steps.

Share your Goals for Guidance

You have to be involved in the transcreation process from the start. Therefore, you have to provide information regarding the intended message and marketing goals to the respective translation company. Translators don’t use the source content as a guide. Thus, if you provide necessary information to a transcreation professional then they will be in a better position to communicate your message according to the target market. Moreover, you also need to provide all this information to all stakeholders to make sure that they are on the same page and have the same expectation. This action will streamline the transcreation process and mitigate all communication-related issues.

Know the Marketing Timeline, Budget, and Branding

To make your transcreation process smooth, you should know how the transcreation process works. Therefore, you should be aware of the marketing timeline, budget, and branding. Usually, marketing translations and transcreation require more expense and time than a normal translation. The challenge comes when you are under budget. One important thing you need to keep in mind is that if you are unaware of linguistic intricacies then it will increase your cost and time. Moreover, you have to rework which will result in more effort and loss of money.  

Why Marketers need Transcreation

When you aim to target the foreign markets then there are three options for you. You can run an international campaign in English, run a marketing campaign locally or translate an existing campaign. If you want to avail of translation option then, you have to include transcreation in the process. No doubt that transcreation is more difficult and requires more time than standard translation but the result you will get is worth the effort and extra time.

When the marketing team and ad agency don’t hire a professional translator then they will not be able to target the foreign markets and all their effort, money and time will go in vain. Moreover, their entire marketing campaign will fail.

Wrapping Up

Do you want to market your content on a global level? If yes then transcreation is the best tool for you. For this, you have to understand the transcreation process and how to use it efficiently to avoid loss of money, time, and effort on a message that you want to communicate to the target market.  

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