Custom packaging

Importance of Custom Packaging for Small Cosmetic Businesses

Custom packaging has evolved over the years and can now be created in personalized facets. Many global brands offer exclusive shopping experiences owing to their beauty boxes that customers can’t have enough of! This presents a good enough reason for every cosmetic company to prudently think about the worth of their packaging.

Understanding the beauty business

The face of the beauty industry changes rather frequently. It is an overall dynamic industry where trends come in and go out in a snap. Innovative products keep lining the store racks and promising better results every time.

Below are some fascinating facts about the beauty retail business.

#1: The worth of the beauty industry at the end of the last year was around $532 billion. Its compound annual growth rate is between 5-7% and it is expected to get doubled in the next years to come.

#2: In 2019, 14% of the total industry revenue was made from online sales. This figure is slated to reach 19% by 2023 as the e-commerce sector continues to defy previous growth predictions.

#3: The skincare sector is the most promising one in the beauty industry with annual sales reaching $145.2 billion in 2020.

#4: About 54% of Gen Z customers are introduced to a new beauty brand by their family and friends. Other sources such as social media and websites ads contribute 39% and 24% respectively.

#5: A customer survey indicates that 55% of customers in North America said that they are more loyal to the beauty brands that they are familiar with.

#6: Multi-distribution channels are more successful now than ever in the past.

How can your brand benefit from this expanding beauty industry?

The million-dollar question is how to grab the mentioned opportunities in the beauty business. To understand the nuances of successful operations in the beauty industry, one has to observe the customer perception of the brand and that starts with the packaging boxes it offers.

Ultimately consumers, whether they order online or buy beauty items from retail stores, look towards the packaging to get a glimpse of the brand values. The boxes serve as the face of the business and sellers must give more credit to how they craft their custom packaging to truly enjoy the expansion chances provided by the industry.

Here we will explain in detail how each packaging element contributes to perfecting the brand appeal. Have a look.

Branding is a must

How do you let new customers know of your business? It is the beauty boxes that travel through multiple locations and reach customers’ locations to give them a good idea of the brand aesthetics.

They, therefore, become central to branding. Customized beauty boxes can be printed with a plethora of brand slogans, logos, and title formats.

Many beauty giants such as L’Oreal and Dior have sustained through industry dynamics due to their packaging providing robust marketing. Customers remember their favorite brands via how they look. This is why buyers spot their got-to beauty brands among the other lot at retail outlets. This reinstates the brand image in customers’ minds.

Engaging facts

Buyers want to know as much as possible about the brand and products they wish to buy. Custom printed shipping boxes made with customer preferences in mind and relevant product info are in demand. These allow buyers to make informed choices and trust the brand for delivering the right products.

A lot of skincare and cosmetic product boxes inform buyers if the brand is eco-conscious and invests in sustainable packaging. This and more favorable brand values add worth to the brand image.

Custom packaging

Placing custom add-ons

Numerous physical box facets can also work in favor of a positive brand appeal. Modern beauty boxes come with innovatively crafted handles. These are not only modified in shape but also the materials used. Offbeat box sealing tabs also enhance the unboxing experience these days. It keeps the products intact and makes shipping more productive.

Certain brands benefit from adding extra notes inside the boxes. Additionally, custom trays, sleeves, and other customized box features are popular among customers and positively influence their perception of the brand.

What are the boxes made of?

The stock paper can also depend on your retail channels. These professionals ensure that the packaging fits well into the set annual budgets too. Thus, the beauty boxes shine as the most powerful marketing tool that can give the brand a mesmerizing yet relatable vibe that would stand head and shoulders to all others.


You must have seen several custom packaging boxes offering buyers exclusive unboxing experiences. But the ones that work most strongly are the ones that depict the brand in a pleasant and memorable light.