How You Should Dress in Your 20s- Fashion Tips for Men

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The twenties can be a trying time for a man. It’s a time when you’re supposed to – at the risk of sounding corny – figure out who you are. While you will most likely be in the greatest shape of your life and trim enough to wear pretty much whatever you desire, you will also undergo a significant shift when you leave university behind and begin your work. In other words, you’re an adult now, and the key to dressing well in your twenties can be summed up in two terms: capsule fashion wardrobe. 

This is the time to invest in key go-to pieces that will last for years and make you feel wonderful every time you put them on hard-wearing chinos, good jeans, stylish shoes, your first proper suit, and a fine watch.

However, now is also the time to experiment with trends – yeah, you’ll make mistakes with colours and patterns, but you’re young, so why not? Go for your first designer pieces at the end of the decade, however, we recommend starting small with ties, cufflinks, or wallets and working your way up as your budget expands with your wage.

The good news is that your twenties are a great time to try new things; the bad news is that they can go horribly wrong. Don’t worry, we are sharing our notes so you may avoid some of the most unpleasant mistakes and learn how to dress in your twenties.

#1 Avoid Fashion, Stick With Timeless Style

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The first thing young men need to know about style is that it’s not the same as fashion.

Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever. If you have trouble deducing what makes something timeless, look up styles that have remained relatively unchanged in the last century – you’ll find pictures of suits that resemble today’s looks pretty close.

The absolute basics – a navy or charcoal suit, oxford shoes, watches – are all factors that will never go out of style.

On that note, stay away from rapid fashion. What exactly is this? It’s mass-produced, low-cost clothing that follows the newest fashion trends.

Once you recognize the signs, they’re easy to spot: low-cost, low-quality materials. The time between a garment’s presentation on the runway and its release in stores is frequently short.

They’re also limited in order to keep you under pressure to buy – don’t fall for it. Spend your money on something that will last a long time.

#2 Lessen your experimentations 

Experimenting too much will result in an incoherent Frankenstein’s wardrobe of mismatched pieces – as well as a huge overdraft. Your body, if we’re talking about bodies, should be completely formed. Many men are apprehensive about this, but there’s nothing wrong with receiving advice from shop employees on the ideal size and cut for you.

All of those experiments have led to the realization that some things aren’t for you.

#3 Every two weeks, pay a visit to your barber

Hair grows at a rate of half an inch per month and six inches per year, depending on an individual’s testosterone levels. The condition of a man’s hair is an important aspect of his overall appearance.

There are numerous haircuts that qualify as classic cuts today. You can’t go wrong with the buzz cut, sleek back, and side part.

Whatever option you choose, it must appear deliberate. A decent rule of thumb is to go to the barber every two weeks to maintain your hair looking tidy.

#4 Buy on the cheap side then buy twice 

When you’re a workie, it’s not a good idea to invest in crucial items because you’ll wear them out quickly if you don’t have a critical mass of arms. Sweatshirts and T-shirts, for example, are more thrown away, which is OK. There’s no need to stock your closet with designer white tees that will fade after a few washes in the washing machine.

Alternating two affordable suits are preferable to hammering a more costly one. Before you upgrade, make sure your closet is full and you’re getting paid.

#5 Dress according to your salary

Dressing for the job you desire may seem like a good idea, especially if your current position is sitting on the couch watching daytime TV, but it isn’t always feasible. Turning up to a grad scheme looking like Gordon Gekko, on the other hand, is taking things too far.

You don’t have to spend money to appear good, according to a local tailor who advocates taking off-the-rack outfits to be adjusted. Meanwhile, polishing your shoes, ironing your clothes, and cutting your nails are all time-consuming tasks.

#6 Art history is not for you

It’s said that regretting something you’ve done is preferable to regretting something you haven’t. A prominent exception is getting a tattoo. Although body art is becoming more socially acceptable, it can still cost you future jobs, cover-ups, or removal if it is permanently visible, unsuitable, or simply poor.

Fresher’s Week can be as addictive as youthful excitement, yet a lot of what you care about today will vanish. An ink that isn’t well-conceived won’t work.

#7 Begin to look after your skin

You must take care of “low hanging fruit” – aka your skin – before you go out and look for the greatest clothes you can find. As young men reach their prime, their testosterone levels rise, resulting in increased oil output.

Acne arises as a result of this. When it comes to skin, oil control should be your top focus. The most straightforward method is to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.

Make sure you’re using a natural face cleanser that won’t dry out your skin (your skin compensates for the dryness by producing more oil than you actually need). 

After that, exfoliate your face with a face scrub to thoroughly clean your pores and eliminate dry skin. Finish with a natural face moisturizer to keep your face hydrated throughout the day and avoid dry, flaky skin.

You’ll have a bright face with a natural glow, and you’ll be able to delay the onset of indications of ageing. It’s never too late to start caring for your skin, believe me!

Dietary considerations, for example, play a role. Excess oils can be reduced by limiting fat and sugar intake.

#8 Just enjoy

blue denim jeans and brown leather shoes

Please accept my apologies if this all seems more sententious than a fortune cookie. But, hopefully, you haven’t yet discovered that there are more important things in life than exam grades, so remember that clothing isn’t life (or death). If you like wearing streetwear clothing or a nice suit, go ahead and have fun! 

After all, there’s no infinitely large, publicly available storehouse where photographic evidence of all of your sartorial sins will be archived forever and revived as recollections.

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