How to keep your Machine’s tire maintained?

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All the wheeled construction equipment run on tires/wheels that may deteriorate over time. The damaged or deprived wheels will directly influence the performance of your heavy equipment. During the maintenance of the equipment, tire maintenance is the key process to keeping the machine’s health fit. If you have a construction fleet or you own heavy equipment in your company inventory, you need to make sure that the tires are also in good condition along with other Maintenance of the machine.

In this instance, you always need to be careful about the usage of equipment and follow the user manual to know about the safety precautions regarding the tires. In this article, we have listed some basic tips to keep the tires maintained.  

  • Scheduled Maintenance

This is the first thing every heavy equipment supplier and construction contractor needs to be careful about. Always schedule your machine maintenance to keep it working for a long. In the maintenance list, you should keep in mind to not forget about the tires. The tire also requires proper and regular maintenance. Follow the user manual provided by the manufacturers to know about the standard measures for the tires. As an equipment owner, you must make sure that the operator knows the tire’s scheduled maintenance and identify the early damages before the tires go out of order completely.

  • Go with a Trained Operator

Do you know how important is it to work with a trained machine operator? If the operator is not trained then he may harm your equipment and will leave you in financial loss. Comparatively, a trained operator has all the understanding of the equipment. He knows better how to handle the equipment in unfavorable situations and how to keep it maintained. More than half of your concerns will vanish if you choose a trained operator. Otherwise, you can also provide and offer operator training at your place.

  • Check the Tire Pressure

The pressure in the tire keeps it running well. It is recommended to regularly check the tire’s pressure and not let it go down than the suggested level given in the user manual. Keep in mind that the on-time cure is better than the delayed harm.

  • Do not Put Overload

The tires can optimally bear a certain load over it. If you exceed the limit and put an overload on it, then it will obviously, become damaged before its span of life. Know the suggested capacity from the user manual.

  • Avoid Over Speeding

It is suggested to drive the equipment under the optimum and suggested speed. The over speed will destroy the life of the tire and it will not work better for a longer time.


In any heavy equipment, the tire plays an important role as they keep the equipment run at the construction site. It is important for a heavy equipment supplier and construction contractor to keep the tires maintained so that it does not destroy early. In this article, we have mentioned a few basic tips about the regular maintenance of the tire. You can follow them and keep your equipment and tires working for a long time.