How to Hang Bathroom Towels on a Double Towel Rack

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In a bathroom with limited space, a double towel rack can be a perfect solution. Additionally, your towel sets will feel better for longer if you can hang two or more of them at once and give them enough room to dry. Making the most of this feature requires understanding how to use a double towel rack for bathroom towels. Your bathroom can become more aesthetically beautiful and practical by folding and setting out properly.

So, when it comes to home décor, bathrooms require the majority of our focus. You may be surprised as to why bathrooms in luxurious hotels are so tasteful. It’s not about the hotel, if everything appears to be in its place perfectly, bathrooms might look attractive. Aesthetic and spotless bathrooms make a fantastic first impression on visitors, which is why we are here with some unique ideas that will enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

Using Double Racks to Hold Towels

The three standard sizes for double towel racks are 18, 24, and 30 inches. The best way to hang will depend on the size of the rack you choose and the size of your bathroom. A 30-inch option can accommodate two bath towels with hand towels in front, whereas 18- and 24-inch racks can only hold one bath towel per bar.

Generally speaking, it’s advisable to hang your larger towel on the double towel rack’s back dowel. The front dowel, which is easier to access, is now free to hold your hand towels, which are used more frequently.

Since two folded hand towels are often about the same length as one folded bath towel, you can display two hand towels in the front of a double towel rack.

Regardless of available space, you should never put two towels on a bar above one another. Between your two towels, moisture and particles may get trapped and spread. Breeding habitat for mold and mildew can also result from stacking wet layers of fabric on top of one another.

Why should you use double racks for hanging?

  • A platform for artistic towel arrangements can be created with a double towel rack.
  • It’s not a smart idea to layer damp towels! The back dowel of your double towel rack is often a preferable place to hang your larger towel when hanging towels on double racks.
  • Use a double rack towel to conserve space if you don’t have much wall space.

There are a number of alternative ways to hang and display, even though you might prefer a double towel rack for both functionality and aesthetics. For hand towels, towel rings can be a good solution, but bath towels can’t be supported the same way by them because they aren’t big enough or sturdy enough. Although they don’t promote efficient towel drying, towel hooks are another choice for saving space. A storage basket might assist you in tastefully displaying your extra towels if you have a lot of them. Read our next article about Smart ways to decorate in your bathroom.