QuickBooks unable to backup company file

How to fix the QuickBooks unable to backup company file issue

As we move along with the technological advancement of the 21st century, all of our data has become digital. While it makes accessing, editing, and working on your files easier, losing our valuable data is also much easier. The data can be altered or removed in a few clicks, wasting our years of effort. Thus, it has also become much important to preserve our data. Creating a backup of your data is a very effective method to preserve it. QuickBooks lets you create backup very easily but may give you QuickBooks unable to backup company file issue. Through this blog, we will look into the reasons behind the issue and ways to troubleshoot it.

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What causes unable to backup the company file error?

Reasons that cause unable to backup the company file error are as follows:

1. Storage device unavailability for the backup file might get you the error.
2. If your Company file has got damaged or corrupt, QuickBooks unable to backup company file issue may appear.
3. If you set up an incorrect path for your backup, the backup process may fail.

As we understand the reasons that can cause the error, we can attempt the troubleshooting process easily. Follow the steps below if you would like to fix the error with the efficient way we have chosen for you. Other reasons you can look up into are: if the company file is having more than 65 characters, when a user tries to take backup of the company file on the external hard disk.

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How can you fix the Company file Backup error?

As we understand that data corruption can result in company file backup errors, the first troubleshooting method targets that. Try to resolve the error by repairing the Company file through the Verify and Rebuild data tool. The steps are as follows:

1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop application and go to the ‘File’ menu.
2. Click on ‘Utilities’ to select the ‘Verify Data’ option.
3. On running the scan, the tool may show data corruption.
4. If corruption appears, then go to ‘File’ > ‘Utilities’ again to select the ‘Rebuild Data’ option.
5. The tool runs to scan any damage in the company file and repair it.
6. To verify that the issue has been fixed, run the ‘Verify’ tool again.
7. You can perform the backup process successfully then.

Repairing the data damage in your company file streamlines the backup process. If the error persists, you should rename the Network data file. You should also ensure there is enough space and resolve the backup path.


Through this blog, we discussed the issue of QuickBooks unable to backup company file. The reasons behind the error and the methods that can help in troubleshooting it. You should be able to fix it comfortably using the methods stated in the blog. If an issue appears or you need help, contact us at 1.800.579.0391 and talk to our experts.

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