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Highlight Beauty Products by Partnering with Custom Box Manufacturers

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Understanding the link between box manufacturers and beauty packaging is a step in the right direction to boost profits in 2021!

The beauty and cosmetics industry is staggeringly huge.

Globally, the industry is worth over $500 billion with skincare being the most profitable. Considering this, it should be of no surprise to you that 45% of beauty videos on YouTube are makeup tutorials. Smaller beauty brands are thriving due to society becoming more and more aware of what we put into and onto our bodies.

And cosmetics and skincare are no exception.

This shift in consumerism makes it possible for smaller brands with values different from massive corporations to take a meatier piece of the market share.

There is a significant variety of professional advice, machines, and technologies that can help you with making phenomenal cosmetic packaging box manufacturers. We are here to simplify the procedure and make sure that your business hits the planned sales target this year and beyond.

Packaging with the right components

Cosmetics and skincare items come in sensitive packaging, either glass or soft pouches.  The ideal way to ensure they remain intact is to get professionally cut box dimensions that are uniform yet strong in every way.

Nowadays, it is easier to get a third-party printing source to take care of all factors pertaining to making beauty packaging. They understand box dimensions better and provide the needed box densities too.

However, what’s becoming ever more important is what that product is made of and what that product is packaged in. the demand for organic ingredients isn’t only limited to the cosmetic products, the packaging must also resonate with the current environmental concerns. Massive cosmetic brands like Unilever are stepping towards being more sustainable.

What you can do is start by selecting bio-degradable box materials like corrugated, rigid, and cardboard among others. They offer personalized box features while maintaining the true worth of the beauty products.

Dealing with external pressures

Customers want to see their cosmetic items in equally fascinating boxes. The reason? Buyers don’t want their shopping to arrive in bland boxes that tone down their excitement. Designing the boxes is part and parcel of thriving in the competitive beauty markets.

Chances are that you’ve spent a lot of time, effort (and money) on your branding. So it’s only logical that you take your current design assets (logos, imagery, color palette) anduse that as the basis of your packaging design.

Experienced box manufacturers would tell you to define your brand in ways that can contribute to the overall brand appeal.

Are you bright, loud, and in your face, or are you more subtle, calm, and subdued? Who you are and what brand values you portray to your customers are going to have a huge influence on your cosmetic packaging design. And it can also target your intended customer demographic at the same time.

Meeting customers’ individual demands

What your customers want from the skincare and cosmetics products must reflect on the packaging. Buyers do not have any other effective way to decide whether the beauty products would work for them other than judging the box covers.

Are you trying to appeal to health-conscious customers who want chemical-free cosmetics?

Do you want to attract teens, attracted by glittery shiny things?

Like all things in the world of marketing, you need to know who you’re appealing to. An in-depth picture of your ideal customer, along with your branding, is going to help you create the best possible packaging for your cosmetics. Modern printing enhancing features allow every customer type to be targeted with matching boxes. Printing elements such as embossing, die-cutting, foil stamping are among the most used box features that add zest to the beauty boxes.

Product dependent packaging

As important it is to relate to customers’ dynamic demands, it is equally essential that all beauty products types are inclusive of custom features.

The industry is vast and offers items ranging from lipstick, mascara, foundation, highlighter, bronzer, etc. these come in varied primary packaging too. So, you can have glass bottles, plastic pouches, cardboard boxes, and more. All of these require different grades of packaging to look enticing, complement the products, and appear unique and prominent.

Box designers are experts in the field and guide on attaining the best box shape for your cosmetics. They also suggest avoiding breaking norms. Fortunately, or unfortunately certain traditions are still not appropriate to overlook. For example, it won’t probably work to put your liquid soap into a tub that’s traditionally used for moisturizers.

More often than not, once you are aware of your designing templates and parameters, product packaging can experiment with eye-catching shapes and materials!

Packaging must-haves

Now that you have your branding and your customers’ demands taken care of and you have secured the best type of packaging for your product, it’s time to look at a few necessary box printing requirements.

Industry practices make certain elements a compulsory part of the beauty boxes. The following are some of the ones that are usually relatable:

  • Putting the brand image with a distinct brand logo and title.
  • Organic, vegan, natural, and/or cruelty-free certification logos, if applicable
  • Instructions for using the products.
  • Labeling sustainable packaging
  • Warning labels for people with allergies from the ingredients used.

Moreover, depending on where your product is being sold, there may be legal content that you have to put on your beauty boxes. Expert box stylists are well versed with these and can suggest improvements and proofread the content for better results.

Taking inspirations

Usually, box manufacturers have the right portfolio of work and experience to provide you with what works best with beauty packaging. Your brand can imbibe similar qualities or present personal ideas to stand differentiated from the lot.

Anything can inspire new ideas and thoughts. Your brand can conveniently reap creativity benefits.


Combining all the natural colors, textures, and shapes with some void fillers and you’ve got a complete and coherent buying experience for a small or new beauty brand.