Hand Knotting Rugs: just too perfect for an Interior

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You will get several kinds of rugs to decorate your interior in the market. It is the best idea to decorate any interior with a minimalistic look. But from all the options, you should choose the hand-knotting rug. Select the kind of rug.

There are several kinds of reasons. This article will give you all the details about this kind of rug. Let’s explore it.

What Is The Type Of Hand-Knotted Rugs:

Hand-knotting rugs made by the expert with millions of knots by hand. These are the most expensive and original kind of carpet in history. Because of the time consumption and effort, the price is also totally worth it.

Depending on the origin, hand-knotted rugs are three types. This kind of rug mostly started making in Middle East countries in the ancient periods. Let’s see what are those country or place famous for hand-Knotted rugs:

  • Persian/ Iranian rugs:

These kinds of carpets are initially from Iran or ancient Persia. During the rule of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, it came to India and got Global recognition. The specialty of this rug is the design pattern. On a light colour background, colourful flowers and leaf motifs are the main attraction. The design is full of stitching and knotting. The procedure is highly time-consuming and needs a very expert skill to make.

  • Turkish rug/ Oushak rug:

This rug is one of the most authentic hand-knotted rug kinds. Mostly the geometric pattern and flower motive with colourful designs are the specialities. Maybe these products were made by the expert ladies of the Oushak tribe of ancient Turkey. This tribe was the start of the rule of the Osmania Empire.

  • Moroccan Berber rugs:

These are also handmade products made with millions of knots. This style also came to India during the ruling time of Emperor Shah Jahan. This product also takes enormous time and skill to make. But it is a little thicker than the other kind. The geometric pattern is the main design of this hand-knotting rug.

  • Kashmiri Rug:

These hand-knotted rugs originate from India, the region of Kashmir. Mostly the tribal people of Kashmir can make this kind of fabulous rug. The speciality of this kind of rug is not only the design and colour of the material but also. Cotton wool Silk, all sorts of materials are used to make it. Now the skill is also spread in several parts of India and Pakistan.

Why choose a hand-knotted rug:

If you want to buy a world-class interior rug, always choose the hand-knotted rugs. There are several kinds of reasons to choose this kind of product.

  • Customisation is one of the best options because you can customise the design, colour pattern and anything to make an ideal carpet for your interior.
  • Not only for the house but is also ideal for the Hotel interiors and the Cruise interior. Surprisingly all the decorations will be suitable for this kind of rug.
  • Because of the versatility of design, pattern, and materials, these hand-knotted rugs are always attractive. All are usually capable of enhancing the beauty of your interior.
  • You do not need many carpets or rugs in large decorative spaces. Because these Rags are more significant than the average size of machine-made mats, they are large enough to cover ample space in a room or balcony.
  • These products are also highly durable because of the original material. Machine-made products are made from plastic fibres, which cannot withstand heavy temperatures and humid conditions.
  • You can decorate your interior with all kinds of hand-knotting styles from Persia, Morocco, and Kashmiri. This versatility is not available in the case of machine-made.

Things that should be considered while buying hand-knotted rug:

When you purchase a hand knotting rug for your interior, you should view the following items.

  • It is essential to know which is original and which is machine-made.The actual hand-knotted rug will be a little thicker than the machine made. The surface of the original one will also be rough. It is not authentic if you feel the surface’s smoothness.
  • You also need to know the material used to make the carpet. So you can maintain the rug properly to get a long service.
  • Do not forget to match the colour of the carpet with your interior. Otherwise, he will not match the interior design and will look mismatched.
  • No Matter what pattern you choose, always match the colour.
  • Also, plan a perfect place to put the rug. It is essential to know the exact location you want to keep it.
  • Customisation is available in the case of this rug. So if you cannot find the right one, customise the product according to your need. Always choose washable and low-maintenance material so you can wash the carpet to remove dirt.

From this article, you get all the details about hand-knotting rugs. So now choose the best one for your interior and make it look just stunning as you.