Get Rid of Script Error in QuickBooks Problems Once and For All

Get Rid of QuickBooks Script Error Once and For All

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Bonjour! For those of us who’ve used QuickBooks before script error in QuickBooks might not a big issue at all, but for beginners, it might be a headache. Right from its emergence to its suspension, it’ll consume a lot of time. This error is notorious in itself as it doesn’t let the users know its reason for appearance, in turn, the updating process of the application lags and hinders the user to work on the application. The best we know, it is an issue connected to the browser.

QuickBooks platform and Errors

Bookkeeping, taxation, bank reconciliation, payroll, inventory, and many other functions are available in one platform: QuickBooks application, in its numerous versions. However, this might disappoint you at times, as it requires high maintenance. The error in the title of the article can arise while running any version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop-like Pro, Premier, or Enterprise.

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Know the arch enemy

There are times, users will try to launch a QuickBooks web page in a browser like Internet Explorer, much to our disappointment, this access request will be denied and a window flashes as a script error in QuickBooks Desktop. The underlying issue in JavaScript or VBScript codes is the core reason for this issue. This problem will further lead to the QuickBooks application being unable to download any information from the online server.

Factors that provoke the script error in QuickBooks

Some distinct factor that leads to the script error in QuickBooks, is the premise that we don’t know the origin of the error. Such as:

  • Malware infection
  • Blocked or disabled script processing feature
  • If the user tries to create an account with numbers that have been enrolled for another account
  • Missing mandatory components of Active X
  • Damaged data files
  • Corrupted Windows OS
  • Attempt to import data from a non-existent account
  • The default browser cache folder is either corrupted or full
  • Script plugins or software is damaged i.e., JAVA, ADOBE FLASH, etc

How to detect that the script error is about to appear?

Some signs and symptoms that are imperative to the script error in QuickBooks. Some are:

  • Internet Explorer reacts differently or lags totally to input command
  • Non-inclusion of Intuit website in the default browser
  • Traversing the screen becomes difficult
  • QuickBooks Desktop updates are nowhere to be downloaded
  • Time-out alerts are frequent on the browser screen

Troubleshooting for Script Error in QuickBooks

The troubleshooting of the error thankfully has multiple options to try and observe. The customer/user can attempt these at their own expense. See below:

  • Add the official Intuit website as a trusted website in the Internet Explorer browser
  • Clear Internet Explorer’s cache data
  • Run Internet Explorer in the compatibility view
  • Turn off addons in Internet Explorer
  • Clear SSL certificates from Internet Explorer
  • Set Internet Explorer as your default browser
  • Turn off the script error notification in the browser settings
  • Add the URL in the error message to the Restricted Websites List in QuickBooks
  • Reinstall Internet Explorer (applicable for Windows 10 users only)

How to bypass the script error for a while

If you want to evade the problem for an amount of time with the prospect of resolving it later, then here are some shorter ways-

  • Update the web browser
  • Refresh the web page
  • Disable Plug-ins
  • Try to open the web page in another browser
  • Check if other web pages are loading or not
  • Disable the hardware acceleration
Script error 0

To obtain QuickBooks Desktop help in an emergency-

  • Go to the Help menu; select QuickBooks Desktop Help
  • On the search box, type in Phone support and hit Enter
  • From the result, click on Contact Us link
  • Then write on Tell us more about your question section and click Search
  • Click the Start a Message button

We tried to give you a comprehensive idea of the script error. We hope you’ll appreciate the hard work and leave a comment. For more info, communicate to our help section.