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Four Easy Financial Advisor Website Changes for Better Results

As a financial advisor, you can improve your site’s performance by making a few easy changes. For starters, change your headline and add a page titled “Why We’re Different.” Simplify your website navigation, and freeze or remove your rotating banner/carousel. The more attractive your website is, the more likely visitors will visit; go to the website for the best financial advisor websites template.

Add a “Why We’re Different” page.

Add a “Why We’re Different” page to your financial advisor’s website to attract more potential clients. This is a great way to tell prospects why you’re different from your competitors and save them a lot of time. Most visitors spend only a few seconds on your website before moving on to a more appealing website, and making the first impression good will make them more likely to return to your site.

Change your headline

One of the first things that visitors will see is your title. They might click away if you don’t make it appealing to them. The label also impacts your website’s ranking in search engines, so make sure it is as compelling as possible. Don’t just throw anything into the headline – think about what kind of content would appeal to your target audience.

If you have a website that doesn’t engage visitors emotionally, you can change your headline. Prospects spend just a few seconds on your website, so make it count. A strong headline will grab a prospect’s attention, and a well-designed website can act as a 24/7 lead generator.

Another way to improve SEO for your financial advisor website is to network with other advisors in your industry. The Fee Only Network, for example, offers a directory of advisors, and each listing links back to an advisor’s website. Once you’re ranked, your website will appear in Google’s search results, which is crucial for attracting new clients.

Social media is another excellent way to attract new clients. It lets you show off your expertise and cross-sell other products. It also helps make an excellent first impression. Social media is a low-cost and effective way to boost your online presence. You’ll need to invest some time and creativity to make it work.

You may have a limited budget, but your financial advisor’s website is vital to your success. Even a few minor changes can yield big dividends.

Remove or freeze the rotating banner/carousel.

The rotating banner/carousel is a common distraction that can overwhelm your visitors. People might not know which banner to click on, causing them to leave your website without clicking anything. By freezing the rotating banner, you can ensure that your flags remain static, and visitors can click on each separately.

In the first few seconds, website visitors will form an impression and decide to stay or leave. If your website doesn’t make an excellent first impression, they won’t stick around to read the rest. Instead, use video icons to draw the eye of your visitors. Statistics have shown that visitors will spend 41% more time viewing videos than reading text listings. Videos also enable you to highlight your extensive portfolio and robust business features.

Moreover, the rotating banner/carousel is challenging to read for people who don’t have good eyesight. Also, a vast majority of your shoppers browse websites on mobile devices. In addition, most carousels feature a CTA button. However, the CTA button often shifts as the carousel rotates and thus affects the conversion rate.

The rotating banner/carousel is often ignored. It can obstruct your website’s load speed and make it difficult for visitors to view your website content. A rotating banner can also hide unwanted content.

Make the Text Larger

One of the latest ways to attract new clients is to publish a resource section on your financial advisor’s website. Your resources section should be updated regularly so visitors can find helpful information without searching around. This will help you establish credibility among your clients and position yourself as an expert. Another way to attract visitors is to use design elements on your site to establish credibility and trust. For instance, you should include eye-catching icons to highlight important data points. These icons can be purchased from stock image sites or flat Icons.

Choosing the correct headline for your financial advisor’s website can help you attract potential clients. Remember that visitors have a brief time to decide if they want to stay on your site or move on to another, more enticing website. If you have a terrible first impression, you can be sure that your website visitors won’t come back to your site.

A financial advisor’s website should be functional and aesthetically pleasing. It should also evoke a distinct personality. A prospect may be unable to tell the difference between the advisors they are considering, so a “Why We’re Different” page can make the prospect’s task a lot easier. While you may feel that this is unnecessary, it will help you stand out among your competitors.

An excellent financial advisor site should be easy to read and navigate. It should include all the information that a potential client needs quickly. For example, Johanson Financial Advisor’s website is easy to navigate, professional and uses excellent imagery; visit website