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Complete Guide to Wearing a Pearl Gemstone (Moti Ratan)

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According to astrologers, pearl is the birth gemstone of June Month. It is a beautiful gemstone achieved from the nacre of mollusk shell. You can find this gemstone in various hues and clarity. Pearl works well for the people who want to boost the effects of moon’s position in the astrological chart or horoscope.

 A guide to pearl gemstone

In the nacre of the mollusk shells found in fresh water or other water bodies, the impurities are enclosed in the structure. That structure modifies into the pearl. Hence, a real or authentic pearl is hard to find and is considered one of the most sought-after gemstones. The following characteristics should be shopped for while selecting the pearl gemstone or Natural Moti gem.

Size: It is worth understanding that natural pearl is hard to find. Hence, the artificial ways are resorted to for developing the pearls to meet the demands of consumers. If you want to understand what a good-looking pearl size is, we suggest you consider the range of 5 to 15mm. This size range is the best-suited for making fine jewelry based on pearls.

Surface: The smooth surfaced pearls have high aesthetic or cosmetic value. But they may look more like artificial pearls. So, if you only have the looks in mind, you can go for the smooth varieties of Moti Ratan, the name popular among Indian consumers. In case you prefer the natural characteristics, look for a few blemishes on the surface. These blemishes are testament to the fact that the pearl has come from natural resources or is cultured in close to natural environment.

Shape: The most common shapes in which pearls are found are round, roundels, baroque and semi-round. As per the type of jewelryto be developed, shapes are selected. For instance, the baroque-shaped pearl is suitable for jewelry like bracelets and pendants. Some astrologers suggest wearing pearl rings too. These rings employ round pearls mostly.,

Luster: Luster means shine. The luster is produced when the light entering the nacre of the shell is reflected in the form of a natural glow. The less the impurities, the clearer is the path of light; accordingly, the higher is the luster. Thus, you get the shining pearl to wear and look your stylish self.

Color: Another distinguishing feature is the color of the Natural Moti. Colors add a lot to the oomph of a jewelry. People find a little excitement while shopping for colored jewelry. The color options complement the personality type too. While selecting the natural or manmade pearls, the buyer can pick from the options like black, white, blue, brown, etc. An easy tip is to hold the pearl against the skin and understand the styling offered by the pearl.

Personality: From the choice of color emerges the personality type which one needs to keep in mind while selecting the pearls. White or off-white pearls offers the safest options as these complement all types of personalities easily. If you want to give voice to the bold side of your personality, you may select from the options of colored pearls.

Source: Pearls are natural and there are a few that are cultured in fresh waters. The budget is dependent on the type of source. Freshwater pearls, because of the lack of impurities, develop into smaller pearls which you can use to make necklaces.

For the rings and pendants, you can consider cultured pearls as the size is pre-decided. Also, the freshwater pearls are available in natural hues and complement the needs of people who like subtle tones. Depending upon the source, the price, too, is decided.

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Types of pearls based on the source

Pearl strands are developed throughout the world, but this was not the case in the 20th century. The pearls were developed first in 1920s in Japan where the saltwater was used to create conditions conducive to the development process of these gemstones. These pearls were names Akoya pearls. These pearls were named after a mollusk called Akola-gai. Thus, the Akoya pearls became one of the oldest pearls emerging from the salt water sources.

The other type is freshwater pearls. These are a rarity and can be priced in thousands of rupees. The makers create the freshwater conditions to meet the demands of the consumers. In this type, the irritant chosen is not the grain or sand, but the food particle that the mollusk finally entraps as an act of defense. This process takes time, which makes the pearl rare. It is why the prices are quite high.

Apart from the above two, there are about 12 other types of pearls you can usually find. A few of these types are:

Tahitian Pearl: Tahitian pearls are unique pearls as these are the only type available in hues like black, peacock blue, dark green, blue-green and grey. The origin of these pearls is French Polynesia. This pearl has characteristic luster that imparts is a metal-like shine.

Biwa Pearls: The Lake Biwa in Japan is the origin of Biwa pearls. Mussels of this lake produce this pearl. These pearls have very unique type of shapes developed by appealing contours. Apart from aesthetic value, the Japanese consider these pearls to have medicinal value too and are used for curing the mental instability.

Keshi Pearls: These are mostly the saltwater pearls. Astrologers mostly use these pearls to provide remedies.

How to wear a pearl stone (Moti Ratan)

Before we proceed to the process and points to consider for starting how to wear a pearl stone (Moti Ratan), let’s understand who should not wear this gemstone.

According to astrologers, the Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo ascendants don’t benefit from the pearl stone. One should also get the horoscope analyzed properly while learning how to wear a pearl gem.

Once you feel convinced about wearing the pearl stone, choose the auspicious date and time to wear it so that its best energies can be utilized for maximum benefits.

Some astrologers reveal that this gemstone should be worn on Monday before sunrise. The Shukla Paksha of the month is ideal for wearing the pearl stone.

Main steps to follow are:

a. Place the ring in a bowl for some time and add to the bowl ganga jal (a few drops), tulsi leaves or Indian Basil (1-2), raw milk, clarified butter – a few drops,
b. and a spoon of honey
c. Once you take out, clean it with water
d. Wear it in the right hand’s little finger

Taking care of this gemstone is important too. Do you know the natural pearl is nothing but the Calcium Carbonate chemically? Hence, it should be kept away from the vinegar or any other acidic substance to avoid unwanted reactions.

Benefits of wearing the pearl stone or Moti Ratan

Moti Ratan is a popular gemstone and has been around us since very ancient times. It is known for its use as a thing of aesthetic and medicinal value. The top benefits of wearing the pearl stone are:

a. The ring or pendant of this gemstone helps keep our feelings and emotions in control and protect us from the ill-effects of the poor position of moon in the horoscope.
b. It is considered good for maintaining healthy eye-sight
c. It also boosts the treatments used for solving intestinal diseases and disturbed menstrual cycle.

To conclude

Wearing a pearl gemstone is a nice idea when you want to dress up in style. You must understand that not all pearls around us are meant for astrological remedies. Take the advice of a good gemmologist or astrologer and buy certified pearls online to get the solutions for the problems caused due to upheavals in life.