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Durga Puja and We:

Durga puja is the most awaited and most vastly celebrated festival not only in Bengal but in other states of India and in abroad also. DurgaPuja is not only a festival, it’s an emotion. It brings joy to everyone and makes us blissful. As it celebrates the victory of good over evil by Goddess Durga who killed demon king Mahishasur. According to the Hindu mythology, Devi Durga comes to earth with her children during this time to bless all her devotees.

How vast Durga Puja is?

We all know that Durga puja is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Kolkata and around many places in India specially in Mumbai.

However, this grand celebration is popular in almost all the corners of the world.

Countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, USA, UK, Australia and many other countries await to celebrate Durga puja in a gala way despite of their busy, fast lives. Let us have a quick summary of them:

  • United Kingdom:

    Here in UK, residing Indian Community makes arrangements to make the festival enjoyments perfect to cherish. Starting with importing Goddess Durga idols mostly from India; making all the possible arrangements to follow the rituals of the puja; preparing the authentic Bengali food on the festive days; conducting functions on the puja days to engage and connect with each other; thus spreading love and equality.

  • USA:

    In USA, there are a huge number of Indians living there, especially Bengalis. In and around 1970, this grand puja celebration had started in USA. You will be surprised to know that altogether in 50 states of the country Durga puja is celebrated. Indian communities successfully organise this five day celebration. Nevertheless it is the perfect time to catch up with friends and enjoy the celebration together with activities.

  • Bangladesh:

    Like the celebration in west Bengal, India; Bangladesh celebrates Durga Puja in a grand way. In almost every district and city the five day celebration makes the country glow with happiness. During this time temples are well decorated, devotees seek blessing from the gods and goddesses.

  • Nepal:

    In Nepal, the Durga puja is also known as Dashain. Here people celebrate it as a ten-day celebration. The king of Nepal plays an important role during this period. This country celebrates this festival on the same dates as India. In this his festive season people of Nepal takes out time to spend time with friends and family as this time all the public institutions along with schools and colleges remains closed.

  • Australia:

    In and around 1974 by twelve families in Australia’s New South Wales, the Durga Puja celebration was started. Nowadays it is celebrated in the major cities of the country. In Sydney, a large group of Bengali Immigrants gather to celebrate this grand festival where everyone takes a part to follow the rituals.

How the whole world awaits for Durga Puja?

The whole world waits for Durga Puja as the celebration of five days. Here, in west Bengal the countdown begins before almost one and a half months prior to its actual celebration.
Durga puja is of great significance to our Bengali community. During this festive time, we meet our friends, enjoy and try almost all kind of food, and enjoy pandal hopping wearing new clothes. In search of creativity in pandals and variations in Maa Durga idols, we spend sleepless nights for enjoyment.

Durga Puja Employments

Durga Puja is a festival of joy, it not only makes us happy but also makes room for artists, sculptures, labors to income some handsome amount of money. Lighting at the roads delights our heart so much that we get attracted to pandals one after the other. People mainly from Chandan Nagar contacts Kolkata’s puja authorities to make the roads and streets of the city colorful and at the same time earning money. Starting from the pandal decoration to the idol making and light decoration, this festival fills the pocket of many artists and craftsperson.

Decked up yourself during this Durga Puja

As we all await Durga puja, we also await for being fashionable. Be it your family or friends, mother or father, daughter or son, we all love to make everyone stylish in this grand five days. Suitable dresses with matching shoes and pieces of jewelry, whatnot! We have a great offer for you as we are one of the leading handmade jewelry manufacturer in India and we will reach you in all the corners of the world! Not only that, being the wall hangings wholesalers, we will give your home a completely new look with attractive handmade wall hangings this festive time.

Importance of jewelry during this festival

When it comes to fashion in Puja Days, Indians especially Bengalis prefer to wear stylish pieces of jewelry along with fashionable dresses whether it be Ethnic or Western. We, at Wardrobe manufacture and supply a huge range of handmade pieces of jewelry to make you look stylish and different from others. This Durga Puja we offer you a large variety of handmade pieces of jewelry based on Puja and other festive-oriented themes. We welcome you to experience the huge range of the latest fashionable jewelries which will amaze the other visitors while pandal-hopping these Durga puja days.

We have a lot of collections for this puja. Let’s have a look:

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