Summer Tyres

Best And Cheap Summer Tyres in UAE

After spending a significant amount of money buying your dream car, the next thing to consider is purchasing tires of fine quality. Good quality tires ensure that you move from distance A to B safely and comfortably. The tire is the only part of the vehicle which comes in direct contact with the surface.

These tyres are at high risk of getting beat up due to broken roads, potholes, curbs, and not to mention debris that may damage the tyre. The risk of tyre damage significantly increases during the summer season, especially in the UAE, where the temperature becomes so hot that it can damage the tires or even burst.

However, to withstand the harsh summer conditions, tyre manufacturers have designed tyres specially made for driving in the summer season. So, a summer tire will perform much better in summer in terms of safety and comfort than a non-summer tyre.

The general rule is that the more expensive the tire, the better its quality and performance are. But it is not necessarily true. There are some cost-efficient summer tyres as well, which show superior performance as well. This article will talk about cheap summer tires for your car without compromising much on quality and safety.



Yokohama tyres, produced in Japan, are known for their top quality and high performance worldwide. The ADVAN Fleva V701 is a summer tyre that is designed for sedans. It gives an excellent grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Moreover, it offers a quiet ride, meaning tyres don’t produce much noise due to their 5 pitch variation. It provides excellent aquaplaning resistance due to its straight grooves. It is one of the best summer tyres, and we would definitely recommend buying it.

2.     ZEETEX HP2000 VFM

Zeetex HP2000 VFM is a budget tyre that offers good performance at a cost-efficient price. These tyres are great for long distances and the daily busy city commute. These tires perform well on wet and dry surfaces due to their four wider water evacuation grooves. These tires provide good handling even at high speeds due to asymmetric tread design.


These tyres are the latest and improved version of their predecessors. These are budgeted summer tires designed for a daily commute and a long journey. These tires are equipped with an improved grooves system, provide good water drainage, and protect against hydroplaning. Nexen HD+ offers a smaller braking system on wet roads, making it safe and easy to drive. They also provide good handling even at greater speed due to 3 independent tread ribs.


Another cheap summer tire that offers great performance and road grip on both wet and dry surfaces is the Imperial Ecosport 2. These tires are fuel-efficient and provide a comfortable ride by offering a noiseless drive. These tires are ideal for regular vehicles and are an excellent option considering their performance is no less than any fancy or expensive tyre. There is no handling or traction issue with Imperial Ecosport 2. It would be a good choice for a summer tyre at an affordable price.

5.    NANKANG NS 2

NANKANG NS K2 is a budgeted summer tyre. These tyres perform well on both surfaces but are known for their high performance and great traction, especially on wet roads. These tires have great drainage and a strong road grip in heavy rain. These tires minimize the chances of aquaplaning by producing low rolling resistance. These tyres offer a comfortable drive by reducing noise and vibrations due to their unique tread pattern. These tyres provide good safety, reliability and performance at a highly affordable price and break the stereotype that only expensive tires can provide such features.

6.     NEXEN N’Fera SU1

Another affordable summer tire is designed for small and big vehicles and is capable of traveling long distances. It is suitable for wet and dry surfaces due to its firm road grip, short braking distance and excellent water drainage. These tires are highly durable and do not wear quickly. Its treads are designed to offer a comfortable driving experience by reducing the noise produced by the tres. These tires are fuel-efficient as they have low rolling resistance.


There are plenty of other tires that we can add to this list. However, it will only confuse you and prevent you from deciding. Besides, these tires are the best in their category. If you are looking for more options in the UAE, head over to PitStopArabia, where we have every type of tyre available for every car category. Not only do we have a vast majority of high-quality tires, but our team of experts also knows which tyre is best for your car and would gladly assist you in buying one based on your needs and car type.