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Are Your Spare Tyres Still Safe to Use? Test It Now!

Cars roll on tyres. So, of course, they are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. They are the only part that touches the ground from the vehicle and are responsible for accelerating, braking and turning actions. Therefore, it is only natural for them to come in contact with the dust, debris, nails, potholes, kerbs, etc that degrades their health and performance.

Our car tyre also comes in contact with UV rays, humidity, temperature change and many such environmental factors that lead to further wear and tear. So, no one can predict when the tyre might trust or get a puncture in the middle of the road. No matter how costly your tyre is or the maintenance that you apply, your tyre might still get a puncture.

If this happens in the middle of an off-area road, you wouldn’t like to e stranded. And if you think about driving to the nearest garage with your flat tyre, you may damage it even more. Maye to the point that it becomes impossible to repair it back. So, having a spare tyre at the time will be your saviour.

The whole point of this blog is to explain the importance of having a spare tyre to you. But just having these Tyres Watford with you won’t do the task. you need to know a few things regarding the spare tyre. So, to ensure that your car is still safe and worthy to drive on the spare tyre, you should keep some things in check.

Read ahead to know more about it.

Always Pay Attention to the Maintenance of Your Spare Tyres:

Whatever may be the part of the car, maintenance and servicing is the key to elongating its lifespan and performance. The same goes for the spare tyre as well. Most drivers pay attention to only the regular tyre and often forget the spare tyre. If your spare tyre is a doughnut, maintenance is the most important thing to consider at this point. So, below are some points to check while maintaining your spare tyre:

The Pressure of the Spare Tyres:

Tyre pressure level is one of the most important parts of a tyre. The wrong pressure level can lead to various problems such as irregular wear and tear, low mileage, off-steering, etc. Pressure levels can also vary if your tyre stays inactive at a place for a long period of time. And with spare tyre, it is the case in almost the majority of the cases.

Whenever you might need a spare tyre, would be an emergency situation. So, being ready forever is the best way to be safe rather than sorry. Because, you won’t want your spare tyre to need maintenance at the same time that your flat, regular tyre does.

Rotate the Spare Tyre From Time to Time:

It is necessary that you rotate all the tyre, somewhere between six to eight thousand miles. And this includes your spare tyre as well. Do it especially if you are planning to use your spare tyre for a while.

Rotation means the changing of the tyre position around the vehicle. The rear one would go to the front one and the front one would go to the rear one.

Look Out for the Age and Condition of Your Spare Tyre:

Just like your regular tyre, you should look out for the age and physical condition of your spare tyre too. The age of a tyre also determines if the tyre needs a replacement. It is because the older tyre is more prone to damage than the newer tyre. Normally, the older tyre have lesser grips and this will affect the braking efficiency of the car. So, make sure to get rid of your old tyre before they pose any risk to you.

You can also use an indicator gauge to determine if it’s time to change your tyre and get new ones. While these indicators are generally inside the wheel, some cars might not have them. You can check with your local garage in this case and get one for yourself.

Always Keep a Puncture Repair Kit With You:

You will never see a puncture coming. It might be sudden in the majority of the cases. So, in place of being alone on the road, you can keep a puncture kit with yourself, and help yourself a bit. Learn how to use the basics.

Having a spare tyre will help. But what if your spare tyre also gets a flat or puncture?


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