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An Irresistible Addition in Natural Aromas and Flavor – Blood Orange (Sicily) Essential Oil!

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Blood orange essential oil is a distinct variety of oranges, known for its dark purplish flesh and reddish rinds. Its unusual polyphenol compounds are not found in other orange varieties. These compounds give a raspberry-like twist to its sweet tangy citrus aroma and taste. Thin yellowish-orange oil with citrus fruity fragrance obtained from the peels of the blood oranges. 

Blood orange (Sicily) plants are widely cultivated in Sicily, Italy, and Spain. They are sources for many derivative products such as juice, oil, hydrosol, and others besides fruits. The rinds of the Sicily blood oranges are tougher and darker than that of other oranges. The essential oil extracted from them by blood orange essential oil manufacturers through cold-press.  Aromaaz International is the best natural essential oil manufacturer. It has a slightly tarter taste and a more complex fragrance. It contains limonene compounds that give its distinct character which is equally useful for aromatic and therapeutic purposes. Its high antioxidant compounds work wonders for the skin.

Blood Orange Essential Oil

Blood oranges derived from the species of Citrus sinensis and sweet oranges are also obtained from the same plants, but different species. They offer similar benefits and used for certain purposes in diverse industries. However, their aroma, color, and taste differ in intensity.  The aroma of blood orange essential oil is quite refreshing and elevates mood. It rejuvenates skin, mind, and body. Its topical application cleanses the skin, removes blemishes and dark spots, and brightens skin. It boosts collagen production and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

The citrus oils find applications in many industries, but blood orange oil has carved a niche for itself owing to its outstanding flavor, hue, and aroma. It is added to confectionery and beverages for a tangy flavor. Its extraordinary citrus fragrance combined with many perfumes and antiperspirants. It can use in many DIY recipes for fragrance, skincare, and diffuser or aromatherapy blends.

Following are some of the interesting blood orange essential oil recipes,

blood orange essential oilRefreshing soap using blood orange essential oil

Ingredients: Sodium hydroxide, distilled water, coconut oil, mango butter, olive oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, orange essential oil, and orange zest.

Procedure: Melt solids at low heat and add the remaining ingredients in them and steer them thoroughly. Pour them in a tray through a sieve and let them solidify. Cut them into uniform pieces.

Make a Body Mist

Ingredients: 1 ml blood orange oil, 5 drops patchouli oil and 5 drops myrrh essential oil, 10 ml sweet almond oil

Preparation: Mix the ingredients well and fill the mixture in a roll-on bottle.

How to use: Apply roll-on on wrists, underarms, and other sweating body parts.

Diffuser Blend

Ingredients: 2 drops blood orange essential oil, 2 drops frangipani, and 2 drops rosemary essential oil

How to use: Add it to the water in a diffuser for an amazing smell.

Blood orange essential oil manufacturers offer the oil in bulk to industrial users. They also offer variants such as bitter orange oil, neroli oil, sweet orange oil, and orange blossom hydrosol.

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