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The 4×4 tyres or 4WD( four-wheel drive) are famous for their versatility. They offer greater traction than your normal tyre. The regular tyre offers traction on tarmac roads but fails when off-roading. Whereas 4×4 tyre offer great performance while off-roading.

You can notice the difference between the two kinds of tyre with a minor visual inspection. 4×4 tyre have comparatively deeper treads and also have larger gaps than a normal tyre. This is the reason 4×4 tyre offer enhanced traction even in worse conditions.

The 4×4 tyre are no doubt better than regular tyre when it comes to off-roading and going on adventures. A normal tyre even with deep treads loses its traction in a muddy situation because they easily clog themselves.

This leads to lesser friction and we all know how important friction is for the movement of the vehicle. 4×4 Tyres Newark have a much deeper tread than a normal tyre. In addition to that, they have wider gaps which prevent them from clogging and hence allow them to move even in muddy situations.


Now you might think 4×4 tyres are just for off-roading which is untrue. The 4×4 tyres come in different types. However, they have different purposes but their physical appearance is barely noticeable.

4×4 Off-Road Tyres:

These tyres offer maximum traction on grasslands, snow, dirt and mud.

4×4 on-road: these tyres have much more durability on road and also comprise deeper treads than regular tyres. In addition, they also offer some off-roading.

4×4 All-Terrain: 

These tyres neither specialise in on-road purposes nor off-roading. But they are also a subtle balance of on-road and off-road purposes.


The 4×4 tyres increase the rolling resistance which is why they tend to wear much faster. Because of the increase in traction, the 4×4 tyre slows down and increases the consumption of fuel. Apart from being less fuel efficient, there are many benefits that 4×4 tyres offer that no one can deny, such as:


All the tyres are essential for the movement of the vehicle as they are the only component in contact with the ground and offer traction. The engine and transmission system work hand in hand to offer traction on the road.

But on a muddy road, the front wheels offer more traction than rare wheels, but the front wheels are not capable of pulling the vehicle alone. You might have noticed the rear wheel spinning while the front wheels are stuck. But since, the design of 4×4 tyres does not allow the tyre to clog which is why they keep on moving even in muddy situations.

Off-Road Driving Experience:

The 4×4 tyres offer greater traction which allows the driver to read inaccessible land. They come in handy while driving on hills and uneven terrains as they easily overcome potholes and boulders.


4×4 tyres also provide safety. They have more height than the usual tyres, it is easier to see the road or coming potholes and difficulties, especially on steep slopes.

Slick style: 4×4 tyre vehicles have a monster machine appearance which ensures the safety of your vehicle if someone backs into your front grill at parking spots.


While designing 4×4 tyres, manufacturers have one thing on their minds that you will be driving them on unknown roads. This is why they need to be tough so that they can overcome all the hurdles easily and not trouble you much.

Extra Space:

4×4 tyres vehicles have extra inner space which makes travelling more convenient because you can carry proper gear without worrying.


Because of the increased traction these tyres offer better performance while off-reading.

Personal Touch: 

If you are looking for something different, Buy Tyres Newark serves you the best. They are easy to drive on hills, grasslands and even on sandy beaches. With extra space, you can put on your essential gear while travelling or school bags when picking up children from school. Simply put, you no longer have to worry about the space, looks or performance and you drive your 4×4 tyre vehicle on the road.


If you are also a big travel freak, the 4×4 tyre is the best suitable option for you. You don’t even have to worry about getting stuck in an unwanted situation. These tyres can walk you through the worst situations of mud, dirt, snow and even grass without any problem.

Therefore, you must choose the type that will be most useful to you. Do not try to hurry into buying these things. The future and the longevity of your car depending on your purchase. Therefore, take your time and make a wise decision rather than jumping into it.