QuickBooks desktop won't open

A guide to fix ‘QuickBooks desktop won’t open’ error

QuickBooks can throw errors or glitches while working on it. One such error is the QuickBooks desktop won’t open error. This error makes it clear from the name itself that it can come up if you cannot open QuickBooks. Note that if you are making several clicks on the QuickBooks icon, it will not allow the software to open. Once you have clicked the icon, allow it to load and continue using it. This error disrupts your workflow and does not allow you to use QuickBooks. So treating this error on time is very important. But before we understand how to fix this error, let us know a few causes that can trigger this error. Understanding the causes will help us in avoiding errors in future QuickBooks usage.

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What are the primary factors that cause trouble opening QuickBooks?

Below are the factors that allow the error to appear on the screen if you face trouble opening QuickBooks.

  • A damaged QBWUSER.INI file can lead to an error in QuickBooks.
  • If your operating system is not updated, it could also result in the QuickBooks not opening error.
  • A company file with a long name and any special characters can allow the error to pop up on the screen.
  • This error could also trigger if you have a corrupted hard drive.
  • A damaged QuickBooks installation could also not allow your QuickBooks to open further, causing this error.

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How to identify the “QB will not open” error?

These signs will appear on the screen once you encounter the “QB will not open” error.

  • Your windows will start performing slowly due to the error.
  • The system will begin hanging after every few minutes if the error has popped up on your system.
  • Access to the QuickBooks company file will be interrupted because of the “QuickBooks desktop won’t open” error.
  • Your system will respond very slowly to your inputs.
  • The QuickBooks software will start freezing due to the error.

Follow these pointers till the end before you start fixing the error

  • Make sure to terminate all the processes running in the backdrop. Some applications might be preventing QuickBooks from opening.
  • Checking if you have your windows updated using outdated windows can also lead to this error in QuickBooks.
  • Your windows should also meet the minimum requirements if it does not meet the requirements. It could prevent your QuickBooks from opening further, causing errors in QuickBooks.
  • You can also check if turning off the hosting can help you fix this error.
  • Damaged files with .nd and .tlg extensions can also cause this error in QuickBooks. Try renaming these files and check if the error goes away.
  • Ensure you are using an updated version of QuickBooks. If you are still on an outdated version, it could not trigger this error but many other errors in QuickBooks. So updating your QuickBooks is essential.

Some easy fixes to eliminate the “QuickBooks desktop doesn’t start” error.

Now you know a little about the QB not working error and how it can come up. You should also know some fixes to fix the “QuickBooks desktop doesn’t start” error independently. So we are providing you with some simple and easy solutions to eliminate the error quickly by following the steps given in the solutions.

Solution 1: Try restarting your desktop

  • Hit the power button from the start menu.
  • Choose the option to restart.
  • Open your QuickBooks desktop when the system restarts to see if the error has gone.

Solution 2: Try to stop the QBW32.exe process

  • On Windows, navigate to the taskbar and right-click it.
  • Choose the option “start task manager.”
  • Click on the image name on the Processes tab to arrange them alphabetically.
  • Choose exe.
  • To finish, click End Process to end the exe process.

Solution 3: Suppress your QuickBooks installation

  • First, right-click” on the QB icon.
  • After tapping the Ctrl key, choose “open.”
  • The “no company open window” will show up if you continue to hold down the CTRL key.
  • Check if QuickBooks desktop works right away by trying to launch it.

Solution 4: Make a new windows user admin

  • Tap on the control panel by going there.
  • Choose “manage users” when you double-click the user account.
  • Select “add.”
  • Click “OK” after providing the administrator’s name and domain.
  • Windows 10 users should choose administrator.
  • A dialogue box for user accounts will show once you click “finish.”
  • Lastly, press “OK.”

Solution 5: Utilize the tool hub and run Quick fix my program

  • Once you download the tool hub, save the downloaded file somewhere on your PC before installing the tool hub.
  • After installing it, adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • Don’t forget to accept the terms.
  • Launch it once the installation is finished.
  • Choose Quick fix my program under program problems.
  • To check if you are still having issues opening QuickBooks, run QuickBooks.

Solution 6: Take help from QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool

  • Open the tool hub for QuickBooks.
  • Selecting the installation issues tab is necessary.
  • The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool should be chosen.
  • Let the tool do the necessary scan.
  • After finding any errors, it will immediately fix them.
  • The process can require some time.
  • To apply the changes, restart your computer.
  • Verify to see if the QuickBooks error has vanished.

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Solution 7: Try repairing your QuickBooks installation

  • Tap the CTRL, ALT, and DEL together on your keyboard.
  • Select the Task Manager option.
  • Then select the Processes tab. Right-click any QuickBooks processes.
  • Choose “End Process” next.
  • Start your QuickBooks again.
  • In the end, choose Repair QuickBooks installation.

Solution 8: Alter the QBWUSER.ini file name

  • You can search its folder and enable hidden files and folders if you cannot locate the file.
  • Once you’ve located the QBWUSER.ini file, press it again to rename it.
  • After that, rename the “ecml.file.”
  • After renaming it, check if your QuickBooks is functioning properly.
  • If everything runs smoothly with your QuickBooks, the “QuickBooks desktop won’t open” error has been resolved.

Solution 9: Open the company file from a different location

  • The Windows Explorer window appears when you hit Windows + E.
  • Locate the “qbw” file extension.
  • Just right-click the file and choose “Copy.”
  • After locating C: drive, create a new folder.
  • Name this folder QB Test.
  • Paste the company file after opening the folder.
  • Open QuickBooks while holding down the Ctrl key.
  • Try opening the copied company file.

Alternate solutions to get rid of “QuickBooks desktop won’t open” error

If you have tried all the solutions above but could not fix the error, follow the solution step by step. You can perform a clean installation with the help of the steps below.

Step 1: Remove your QuickBooks

  • Search the Windows start menu for the control panel.
  • Open the control panel next.
  • Head to the uninstall software or program and features.
  • Choose the QuickBooks version you wish to uninstall or remove.
  • Choose Remove after choosing Uninstall/Change.
  • Don’t forget to click next.
  • You can also log out and then log in as an admin.

Step 2: Reinstall your QuickBooks

  • Install QuickBooks on your pc.
  • Launch the file after saving it to a location on your computer.
  • The instructions on the screen should still be completed.
  • Press the next button after ensuring you agree to the software license agreement.
  • Click “Next” again after entering your license number and product details.

Once you have finished the second step, you will see two types of installation to proceed. Further, you can select it according to your choice.

Express install

  • Go to express > Next and then click on install.
  • Now launch QuickBooks desktop.

Custom & network install

  • Go to the page for custom and network options.
  • Choose “next.”
  • Based on how you use QuickBooks, select the option.
  • Click on change the install location now.
  • Choose “browse” to find your folder.
  • Now click the next button.
  • Once it’s finished, open QuickBooks.

Once you finish these steps, you can access the tool hub and run a clean install tool. This tool will eliminate the error quickly.

Now that you know all the solutions to fix the error, you can take help from any of them and perform the step simultaneously on your system to successfully remove the “QuickBooks desktop won’t open” error.

Winding it up!

In this article, we have elaborated on all the aspects of the “QuickBooks desktop won’t open” error. Suppose you feel the need for help or guidance. Feel free to ring us on 1-855-856-0042 and speak to our experts. We have a group of QB experts who can assist and guide you to quickly eliminate the error from your desktop. If you have any queries or doubts, you can get them clarified from them.

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