4 Ways Video Marketing Is Playing a Vital Role in Business Development

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Video content has gained a lot of popularity lately. Plus, marketers have also realized the importance of it. And today, they are increasingly using videos to promote their services and products. Moreover, video content can be used to introduce brands to a wider audience. Also, it can help strengthen their relationship with existing customers. According to HubSpot, businesses share 18 videos per month. This shows the ever-growing demand for video and what great value it holds for marketers.

So, what do you get from this? Well, one thing and that is the time has come for you to make video a part of your digital marketing strategy. If not then you might lag behind your competitors. Here are some ways of how video marketing will grow your business.

#1. Video Is Good for SEO

A high-quality video can easily increase viewer engagement which would help drive more traffic to your website. This is important as the click-through rate and traffic are two major factors that impact the Google ranking factor. Therefore, the more clicks and traffic you get, the higher your site would rank on Google’s search results. As Google is getting better with machine learning, the search engine can now easily spot the different image elements which a video contains. Plus, its Video Intelligence API can spot relevant keywords in the video which could improve your website’s overall SEO.

However, before you think of making a video, just make sure that you have access to stable internet. If in case your connection breaks often then consider switching it. There are different packages available from a range of ISPs that you can opt for. For instance, the three different Spectrum internet plans. You can opt for any of them as long as they guarantee you to provide an uninterrupted connection. This will help you run your business smoothly.

#2. It Can Hold Your Attention

People usually tend to process visual information faster than text. Hence, it is not a surprise to know that video content can easily hold their attention. Plus, the majority of the information that comes from the brain is visual which means that viewers would easily be able to remember a message through video as compared to text.

#3. Video Keeps Users on Page Longer

According to Forbes, a user spends 88% more time on a website that has a video embedded. If it is correct then this means that if you start adding videos on the pages of your website then this will help you increase the amount of time a user spends on your website. It will also allow you to reduce the bounce rate significantly. One reason for this can be that visitors find videos way more entertaining as compared to reading text. Another reason could be that people usually retain information better when it is explained in a video. Therefore, creating how-tos, product, and demo videos will offer great value to your target audience.

#4. It Can Get You More Conversions

It has been observed that having videos on a landing page can boost conversions by 80% or more. Considering this stat, you might wonder why is that so? Well, videos can easily give your audience a more detailed description of the products and services that you offer. As viewers get engaged with the video, the chances of them retaining the message doubles. Visitors also tend to develop a trust for brands after viewing a video. And this trust can later lead to conversions.

#5. Video is Shareable

Videos are more shareable. Need proof? Well, it was reported that on LinkedIn, videos are shared 20 times more than any other type of content.  The question now is what makes videos so shareable? Well, simply because they are entertaining to watch. Also, the video provides practical value to consumers by offering them different tricks, tips, and hacks. When you are thinking about using video as a marketing strategy, it is best if you discuss it with your team and decide on the budget and ROI. Also, brainstorm different ideas and try to figure out which type of video will best work for your brand.


Video content will always do wonders for a business. Considering the points above, you can easily judge how important it has become for a marketer to share videos with their target audience. This will only help them promote their offerings better. You should also invest in a good internet connection to make sure that you are always connected. I remember calling the Spectrum customer service phone number to opt for their internet service before I launched my start-up. It allowed me to share videos frequently with my audience which helped my business boom. Therefore, the ISP you subscribe to is just as important as making videos for your business.