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4 key Features of Creative Box Printing for Apparel Items

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Whether your brand sells clothes, shoes, or any other apparel items, physical product packaging can be the perfect canvas for monetizing your box printing creativity.

Custom printing offers an alternative way to bypass the time, investment, and risk associated with managing sales levels, letting you shun the standard apparel boxes for creative ones for selling apparel products at a fraction of the cost.

What is apparel packaging printing?

Before you dive into the intricacies of how customized printing works to influence apparel sales, you need to first appreciate the sheer magnitude of apparel industry.

Fashion brands have taken the industry forward by creating a compulsion for customers to be in sync with the latest trends and social norms. The industry is expected to reach $635.17 billion by the end of the year. It is segmented into numerous markets comprising of women wear, menswear, sports, and couture, to name a few.

When you are planning to invest in this market, the stakes are high in terms of attracting customer loyalty. Older and popular brands have survived decades of industry and technological change to be still here. Brands like Dior and YSL have pioneered modern packaging and branding in the industry. Printing on the apparel packaging is one such successful tool in fostering a durable customer loyalty.

Here are some creative ways custom printing makes your brand more prominent amongst peers.

#1: Generates brand awareness

Brand awareness is the familiarity of your customers with your brand. It is the popularity and recognition that your brand has earned among customers over the period of time through persistent brand promotions.

Your business cannot excel if your customers are not familiar with your brand image and the product line. Why would customers walk into a store and pick your brand when they have several other brand options out there? Unobstructed awareness of your brand is why buyers would pick your brand among others.

Printing your specific brand identity guarantees the quality of your service, and certainly, inform customers that your clothing brand is distinct enough to create effective brand awareness.

Customized apparel packaging boxes speak to your potential customers about who you are. Using bold texts, stylish fonts, and a bunch of modern printing features successfully generates an executive brand aura.

#2: Uplifts brand revenues

What happens when customers notice your brand and become familiar with its identity? They are prone to picking it more often and push up your total sales revenues.

Custom printing itself is not costly as compared to the benefits it provides. Certain people argue about the investment that goes into printing the boxes and recommend the use of plain packaging for apparel items. What it does to the sales revenues is bring them down because nobody sees brands that come in bland packaging.

On the contrary, using innovative box printing patterns and colors forms an unforgettable brand aura that attracts customers’ curiosity from the word go! Better customer interest and satisfaction prompts repeat purchases and uplifts the revenue levels.

The e-apparel brands who operate through their websites, or social media websites, greatly benefit with e-commerce friendly custom printing on apparel boxes and shopping bags.

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#3: Makes distribution effective

Amazon has set strict benchmark for all e-commerce companies to follow. If you are using this platform to distribute your apparel items, then it is compulsory that you abide by their rules and print the boxes accordingly. Otherwise, even direct customer selling needs informative printing to communicate, inform, and foster trust.

Customized printing is effective to:

  • Introduce your brand to new buyers and convey new product launches.
  • State apt instructions to handle and store the contents. Certain apparel items are sensitive than others and buyers must be informed on how to handle them.
  • Likewise, supply chain stakeholders can also be conveyed handling instructions.
  • Market the brand via personalized texts.

All these make the custom printed shipping boxes suitable for all kinds of apparel items and distribution networks.

#4: Getting apparel boxes for every purpose

The apparel business runs on the brand perception. Certain occasions and events call for specialized packaging boxes that depict the current scenario. For instance, brands use limited-time boxes for Christmas, Valentine Day, etc.

Attaining customized printing helps to present the desired content on the boxes and make them look fit for the occasion. Relevant packaging grabs customers’ focus and enables them to relate the products to their intended purpose.

Some types of promotional printing include:

  • Samples of new products. For instance, brands can sell smaller units of the newly launched apparel items for promotions.
  • Celebrating a host of events. During Christmas, the boxes come with green and red labels to fit the occasion and prompt more sales.
  • Printing the boxes with complimenting products the brand offers. Clothe boxes can be labeled with matching accessories offered by the business, etc.

Whatever the purpose is, apparel brands cane easily fit them within their packaging using premium printing elements.

How to get onto customized printing?

Now that you are aware of the crucial roles printing plays in apparel packaging, the next task is to get started.

Professional printing houses are convenient to contact and order from to give an executive box appeal. The following factors must, however, be considered before picking the optimum printing partner:

  1. The relevant experience in the field. The more the tenure is the better the printing house would be equipped with the intricacies of printing on apparel boxes.
  2. Printing techniques used. You can ask for free samples to get a fair idea of the printing mechanisms employed by the printing house. Finesse and class are important aspects of printing boxes.
  3. Attention to detail. This can be judged by asking for a portfolio of previous work.

Being satisfied and thorough with the box printing expertise should define your printing partner choice.


Having an offbeat printing approach to apparel packaging is undoubtedly going to grow your intended customer base and influence them to shift their long-term loyalties to your business.