3 effective street marketing ideas

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Street marketing, or “street marketing”, consists of organizing a communication operation outside and among the widest possible audience to promote a Insurance brand or a product and promote direct contact with consumers.

Street marketing can take different forms, from the distribution of samples of a product to tastings in the streets, through more unusual operations such as the misappropriation of street furniture or even an offbeat poster campaign. Our 3 ideas for effective street marketing.
Distribute flyers using a Segway
The distribution of flyers in the street certainly remains the most used street marketing and the best known to the general public. This is an effective way to quickly convey as much information as possible to promote a product or a brand to as many people as possible.

This street marketing operation is traditionally carried out on foot, calling on hosts and hostesses who wander through a well-defined place to reach the target desired by the organizing brand. But there are other ways to distribute flyers more efficiently and originally. The Segway , for example, allows a very fast distribution and which therefore reaches a maximum of pedestrians in a minimum of time.

This electric personal transporter is also there to make an impression, one of the objectives of street marketing. This device is indeed still not very widespread as a means of locomotion in our cities and it still attracts the curiosity of onlookers, targets of this type of communication operation.
An offbeat poster campaign
Advertising posters no longer have to demonstrate their performance in terms of promotional technique in public space. With street marketing, a poster campaign can take a new and unusual form and constitute a communication operation that leaves a positive and lasting impression on the affected public.

Display advertising, generally displayed in very transient places, makes it possible to reach a very large audience and in a very short time. The choice of types of posters to design especially for this street marketing is also very wide to give free rein to the imagination of the designers of this mode of communication operation and give it the greatest possible impact.

From classic posters to neon-colored ones, through interactive posters with the public or even humorous, the choice is great to design an effective street marketing operation based on display , offbeat and well integrated into the urban space or the landscape, and which is efficient and striking.
Divert street furniture
Street marketing knows how to play with a city’s environment, and goes well in particular with street furniture to effectively reach consumers.

Using for example public benches, garbage cans, red lights, metro aisles, pedestrian crossings, etc., diverting them from their normal use to showcase a product or a brand always turns out to be a surprising idea. for people who are faced with it.

Integrating an advertising message on public objects used and seen by a large majority of the population daily gives a significant force to a street marketing operation and, above all, marks the spirits.