Sage 300 error 49153

100 % Working Solutions to Fix Sage 300 Error 49153

Being employed by a countless number of individuals and small-mid-sized businesses, Sage 300 comes under the category of the best accounting and financial activities management software. Sage 300 not only helps businesses in enhancing their financial web-being but also offers them customizable services to improve overall work productivity. However, despite Sage 300 being so advanced, using it is not free from errors and technical bugs. One such error is Sage 300 error 49153, which takes place when users seek to log in to their Sage 300 applications or connect to their company database. An error message pops up on the computer screen, which reads, “Cannot access database.” Through this post, we will discuss with you the reasons causing Sage 300 error code 49153 and their possible troubleshooting ways.

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What causes Sage 300 error code 49153?

Sage 300 error code 49153 often gets triggered when Sage 300 fails to set up a connection with the company database or loses the connection due to some network issues. It can also occur if you have invalid name according to the server. Though, several other reasons can lead to it, such as:

1. Inactive or offline status of the company database.

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What are the solutions to fix Sage 300 error 49153?

Solution 1) Make sure that the SQL server is functioning on your computer

1. Select the Windows Start menu.
2. Search for Run and open it.
3. Enter “SERVICES.MSC” in the Run dialog box and click on the OK button.
4. When the Services screen shows up, look for the SQL Server (SQL Express).
5. Look at the SQL Server Status displays.
6. If the Start button is not greyed out and you find it clickable, click on it to initiate running the SQL server.
7. A Service Control box will pop up on the computer screen.
8. Wait until the Service Control box gets automatically closed up.
9. Now, the status for the SQL server should display Started.
10. Try to perform the required action in your Sage 300 application.

If you get Sage 300 error 49153 again, move ahead to the second solution. With the next set of steps you will learn how you can check whether company database is active or not.

Solution 2) Check whether the company database is active or not

1. Click on the Windows Start menu.
2. Enter “CMD” in the search space and press the Enter key.
3. In the command prompt window, type “ping databaservername” and press the Enter key.
4. In case nothing pops up on the command prompt window, the company database is functioning actively on your computer.
5. If you see the text “The ping request could not locate the host sql20xx. Please check and try again”, the main issue lies within your database.
6. Restart the company database to resolve Sage 300 error.


Even after going through the troubleshooting solutions that we have talked about above in the post, if Sage 300 error 49153 persists, then our recommendation for you is to get immediate troubleshooting assistance fixing it from our Sage assistance team at +1-(800)-579-9430.

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