Why is a good attitude more important than talent, intelligence, circumstances, money, and luck …

If this is not just a mere phrase, it is necessary to know that a bad mood often comes due to a habitual, negative way of thinking, which is usually distorted and unrealistic, so it turns into grumpy apathy and helplessness. It is good to keep in mind that positive thinking and looking at the world around you can be learned, just like a negative. If you master this, you will not only get you out of discouragement and sluggishness, but you will also provide satisfaction to the environment and others.

Each of us faces problems and negative periods in life that can be beyond our control. When things go downhill, some people are able to overcome life’s adversities relatively easily, to avoid discouragement and mental restlessness, while others give up. Psychologists point out that it is not important how hopeless, we are in, but how we look at the problems. If we have been dissatisfied, frustrated, or unhappy for some time, perhaps we should reconsider our attitudes, the way we think and experience the world and ourselves within it. When problems start to follow one after another, when we can no longer avoid them, we need to think about a different approach and look at things from a different perspective. And then, when we can’t influence some events, there are always solutions: we can influence how we react to them and we can learn how to better solve emotional problems.

Attitude is important for everything we do in life. Attitude is the way we approach life. Attitude is more important than talent, intelligence, circumstances, money, and luck. The deciding factor for what we become in many areas of our lives. More than 85 percent of success is due to attitude, and less than 15 percent due to ability, research has shown.

The secret is in the positive attitude, psychologists claim. Attitudes have a secret power because they affect everything we do.

If you want to be successful in life, no matter what you do and what you do, you must have a positive attitude towards life and everything around you.


When you have a positive attitude, when you are optimistic and enthusiastic, positive and exciting things will happen to you. You will soon notice that the opportunities increase and the problems decrease. Attitude is an important part of the mental structure and your personality. We know that we all have 5 personality traits;


  •            Virtues
  •            Beliefs
  •            Expectations
  •            Actions
  •            Paragraph

Your attitude, if positive, attracts other people and encourages them to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals. People with a positive attitude are great motivators and great leaders.

In the end, the goal of everything we do in life is to be happy and content. It is impossible to be happy, satisfied, and successful, and at the same time be negative, grumpy, and feel bad…


Because, we are the ones who decide how we will react to the situation, how we will receive and accept something. We choose our own attitude, so we can change it. We can approach every problem by noticing its negative sides and increasing them, giving them importance; or we can take an optimistic, positive attitude and immediately start looking for a creative solution. People with a positive attitude always expect the best, and with a negative attitude, the worst-case scenario. Their expectations are mostly fulfilled.

A positive attitude opens all doors. It brings optimism, emotional and physical benefits, makes it easier for us to deal with worries. A good attitude is the initiator of positive changes in life. It is essential for success and good health. In order to be satisfied and successful in work and private life, we need to build the right attitude towards life’s problems. Those who are able to see the positive in the negative, benefit in the long run. Think positive and you will feel good and happy, research by Professor Adam Anderson from the University of Toronto reveals. Bad mood often comes from a habitual, negative way of thinking that is usually distorted and unrealistic, so it turns into apathy and helplessness. Positive thinking and looking at the world around you can be learned, just like a negative, experts agree.

Therefore, positive thinking and cheerfulness will make you calmer, healthier, and more capable. If you manage to build a positive attitude as a philosophy of life, it will bring constructive changes in your lives and make them happier and more successful. Repeating affirmative (positive) phrases will help you change the negative thought pattern that has denied you happiness and success.