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Which Braces Are the Best for White Teeth?

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When you’re trying to choose the best braces color for white teeth, it’s good to know what to look for and what factors can make a difference. A lot of people don’t even think about their teeth color when they go to the orthodontist, but this can be one of the most important things you consider when making your decision. Though whitening will depend on each person, there are some braces that are known to be better at leaving you with a whiter smile than others.

How do braces affect teeth whitening

A new set of braces can make your teeth appear whiter than ever, but you’ll need to make a few adjustments before your smile is picture-perfect. For starters, avoid drinking hot beverages and eating spicy foods until your mouth has had a chance to adjust to its new hardware. Avoiding these habits during your treatment will ensure that you won’t damage any recently tightened brackets. One thing you should pay attention to: The color wheel displayed on many types of braces color uses yellow and white as opposite ends; if you’re hoping for perfect pearly whites, avoid any shades in between.

The Effects of Braces on Oral Hygiene

Some people may think that braces are just a cosmetic thing and have no real effect on oral hygiene. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Not only do they cause food to get trapped in between your teeth and make it hard to clean between them, but they also have a negative impact on your gums. Your gums will start to recede because of all of the pressure being put on them by your teeth. They won’t necessarily cause damage (unless you don’t wear rubber bands), but you should still practice good oral hygiene if you want your teeth to be nice and white once you get rid of your braces.

Whitening Options to Maintain Your Teeth’s Color

If you’re choosing between white and other color options, you might be wondering if whitening is an option. The answer is yes. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite shade just to get a whiter smile—and these days, even braces that have a colored finish can still be whitened. For instance, some of Invisalign’s clear aligners are available in white pearl or biscuit colors that still allow your teeth to look natural while being bleached and perfected.

What Type of Brace is Best for My Smile?

There are many types of braces available today, and it can be confusing to decide which ones to wear. If you’re looking to improve your smile, it’s important to find a brace that fits with your daily lifestyle. There are traditional metal braces (the kind most people associate with orthodontic work), clear aligners, invisalign and other alternatives such as Invisalign. The color wheel will help determine which type of brace is best for you . Do you care about aesthetics? Is your health important to you? Figure out where you fall on the color wheel, then go from there!

NiteWhite – A Nighttime Teeth Whitening Kit

White teeth are one of those things that people who have them just take for granted, but they aren’t so easy to get. Beyond bleaching your teeth and wearing a retainer like you did in braces, there are two different ways to whiten your teeth: In-office treatments (which run $500-$600 and can be more than once per year) or at-home kits (which cost around $50). If you’re wondering which option is best—and whether at-home kits can give you that gleaming smile at all—keep reading.