What is the Right Method to Consume PrEP?

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2 an Yes, you read that correctly. There are new ways to take PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis), and what’s even better is that they work just as well as daily dosing. Amazing!

PrEP can now be taken on a daily, or irregular basis, giving gay, bi, cis, or trans people more options than ever for HIV prevention. Depending on their identity, the type of sex they have, how frequently they hook up, and their personal preferences, each option will suit guys differently.


It is a single pill that you take once a day to provide long-term HIV protection. Everyone has the option, and many people can gain from it.

Even better, starting it now can be as easy as taking just pills (between 2 and 24 hours before sex), then 1  pill every day going forward for some people, like cis guys into other guys.

For those who enjoy structure and routine, daily PrEP is fantastic. It’s up to you and simple to remember whether to take it first thing in the morning with breakfast or at the end of the day.


PrEP on-demand is a way to take it that works to your schedule – use it when you want or need it! It is similar to your on-demand streaming subscriptions like Netflix or iView.

You need to take fewer  pills at set times when you use on-demand. It entails taking two single doses over the course of the following two days after taking a double dose before hooking up (between two and 24 hours prior). Think; 2-1-1.

PrEP on-demand is currently only advise for cis guys who have sex with other guys. Speak with your doctor about anyone else, such as trans people and people who identify as gender nonconforming.

PrEP on-demand is best suit for guys who can plan ahead for or postpone hooking up. It’s beneficial for anyone who wants to try PrEP but may be worried about side effects or simply doesn’t want to take medication constantly.


Time away or time off? Protection for when you need it is provided by periodic PrEP.

You take it every day for a predetermined amount of time, such as the duration of Mardi Gras or a hot summer vacation near or far (remember when you traveled internationally?). or even a month-long schedule of enjoyable events you have planned!

Similar to PrEP on-demand, periodic PrEP may be an excellent option if you are worried about side effects or simply don’t like the idea of taking medication for a longer period of time.

Things to check before getting a PrEP

Get an HIV test

Only people who are HIV negative are able to use it. If you have HIV and use PrEP, it’s possible that you’ll develop drug resistance, making it harder to treat your infection. is advised to start taking PrEP as soon as you learn that your HIV testing came back negative or to use condoms for anal or vaginal sex after finishing your HIV testing and before starting PrEP. If you have flu-like symptoms and a recent HIV risk, you shouldn’t start it. Just in case you have HIV and these symptoms are connected. Four weeks after starting it, if you had a high-risk encounter within the previous four weeks, you should get another fourth-generation test to ensure that an early infection was not miss.

Examine your kidneys.

Both a creatine blood test and a protein urine test are use in kidney diagnostics. Ideal timing for these tests would be the day before or the day you start taking PrEP. Even if you are using a private provider, you can still get these tests at a GUM clinic without paying a penny. To schedule, simply call any GUM clinic.

Take a Hepatitis B test (HBV)

If you have HBV, you can use PrEP, but you need to be more cautious. Hepatitis B testing is available via GladiatorMD STD testing at various locations all across California

How should PrEP be taken?

For giving and receiving anal sex as well as vaginal or front hole sex,

daily PrEP

It is  advise to take PrEP every day for:

receiving front-hole or vaginal sex

multiple weekly sessions of anal sex, either giving or receiving

women who are cisgender and transgender and have vaginal sex

transgender men or non-binary individuals who have ‘front hole’ or vaginal sex

Anyone who might gain from having a simpler dosing schedule

Whoever might occasionally unintentionally forget to take a dose

People with Hepatitis B

In each of these scenarios, it is advised to take PrEP for at least seven days before engaging in unprotected sex to give the drug time to reach the necessary protective levels. You might want to start with a double dose  if you anticipate being at risk for HIV within a few days of starting this sexual medication.

Routine Care after Beginning PrEP

each 3–4 months

4th generation HIV testing

Get a complete STI test

A blood test for kidney function is recommended if you are over 40 or at risk of kidney issues.

every calendar year

Check your kidney function with a blood test.

If you are having sex with gay or bisexual men, get tested for hepatitis C.

What to do if you miss a pill?

If you take a daily dosage, You must wait until you have taken at least seven daily doses of PrEP or take a two prep pills dose before you are completely protected from contracting HIV again if you take your medication daily and miss more than a week of your pills.

Can I completely stop using PrEP?

Whenever you decide that taking PrEP is no longer necessary for you, you are free to stop. But keep in mind to continue taking PrEP every day for seven days if you’ve recently engaged in receptive vaginal sex or every day for two days if you’ve just had anal sex.

Find out what is appropriate for you.

More ways to take PrEP means there is something for everyone, regardless of whether you are currently using it, have used it in the past but may have stopped, or have never done so. If done correctly, you can even begin, stop, or switch between the strategies whenever you need to.

Discuss your options and your expectations for PrEP with your doctor, and make sure to follow up every three months.

You can also ask us a question or call the PrEP Info Service at 1800 451 624 (Monday through Friday, 9am–5:30pm).