post marital investigation

What is the need of Post Marital Investigation?

Post Marital Investigation is basically becoming the demand of time. Marriage is a beautiful and sacred bond of someone’s life. When people look forward to getting married then he/she is already having a dream person in their mind. Everyone wants to hold the hand of the one who never leaves it for the rest of their life. It is said that it is quite easy to get married but on the other hand the challenge is to keep it forever. Since people lose their patience so rapidly nowadays and go for taking the step of separation. 

Post Marital Investigation can be a spark in their life that is providing them with an option to investigate first and clear their doubts. In the investigation, if things come out unfavourable to you then you can go for the step of divorce. But at least, you should give a chance to your relationship and post marriage investigation is providing you with the opportunity which you should grab.

What is Post Marriage Investigation?

Post Matrimonial Investigation is the process of investigation after marriage in which you can investigate the activities of your spouse, accumulate the pieces of evidence in divorce cases or can check whether your spouse is practising any extramarital affair or not. If you are finding any sudden change which is suspicious to you and bothering you. Then, you can proceed with the matrimonial investigation services and give transparency to your uncertainties. 

When Should You Get Matrimonial Investigation Services?

Well, there are several reasons after marriage to choose matrimonial investigation services. If you are finding any kind of changes in the behaviour of your partner then to clear your suspicion you should go for it. Some of them are:

Continuously ignoring your calls or messages

Avoiding you and your opinion constantly

Avoiding the family and children

Not taking interest in you 

Not getting interested in sexual activities/during intercourse

Changing in behaviour

Change in Routine actions

Changing the password of mobile or social platform

Become constant lier

Hiding things from you

Not taking interest in you

Often conflicts and quarrels in between you both

Basically, there are some personal practises of you both which only you can consider. A change in the behaviour or partner personality change easily indicates that something goes wrong. And you need to focus on that before it becomes the reason for separation or compelled you in taking any harsh step.


There is various matrimonial investigation agency, you can contact any Post Matrimonial Investigation in Gurgaon or hire a matrimonial detective who can perform matrimonial investigation services and provide you with the right consequence. They are having experience of years which can keep your privacy wrapped and stay updated to you from time to time. They will provide you favourable evidence as per your need which help you in confronting him/her. These shreds of evidence can help in confronting him/her and play an important role in an extramarital affair, matrimonial frauds, child custody, claiming for maintenance or alimony and much more.