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What is Early Ejaculation? How to Identify and Treat It?

Early ejaculation or Premature Ejaculation(PE) is a fairly common problem in men. 3 out of 1 man are fond of suffering from these problems. Because of this, men feel embarrassed and avoid talking about it. But the truth is no matter whether you talk about it or not, men are still suffering from it. Knowing its causes and treatment procedure can save you from many problems and misinformation about early ejaculation. So let’s start with The Causes of premature ejaculation.

Causes of Early Ejaculation

Causes of early ejaculation are always run around like a mystery for many men. There are several causes of premature ejaculation, from your mental state to your physical problems. Let’s have a look one by one.

Performance Anxiety

It is one of the common early ejaculation causes that affect many first-timers, and conditions become worse when they take permanence anxiety seriously.

Guilty Feeling and Depression

Having a guilty feeling about intercourse or depression in life affects your ability to perform in bed and becomes the leading cause of premature ejaculation in men.

Hormone Imbalance

The imbalance of Hormones like Testosterone and dopamine also increases the risk of early ejaculation in men.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile problems can be caused by weak pelvic muscle, hormone imbalance, or anxiety. However, one thing is sure that erectile problems become one of the primary causes of premature ejaculation.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy habits like consuming alcohol and cigarettes with a busy life poison your body and mind. It causes many health problems like heart problems, lung problems, depression, weight gain, and premature ejaculation.

Symptoms of Quick Ejaculation

There are no specific symptoms of premature ejaculation, but you can identify it with some signs during intercourse.

* Quick discharge whenever you are in intercourse or discharge within 60 seconds

*Unable to Control the urge to come no matter what you do to stop it.

*You feel anxiety or depression about Sexual intercourse and try to avoid it.

These are some of the signs that may help you identify whether you are suffering from a quick ejaculation problem or not. When you identify the symptoms and Causes now, it’s time to check what kind of treatment is followed after all of these.

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Early Ejaculation Treatment

Treatment of early ejaculation is possible, and numerous methods like medication, behavioural, and counselling are preferred. So knowing briefly about it will help you understand what kind of diagnosis you will have.


Premature ejaculation medicine is the first step of treatment. It consists of many medicines like tadalafil and sildenafil. These medicines are used to stop early ejaculation. Other numbing creams also come into play to bring down the sensitivity of the genital to prolong your efforts in Bed. Doctors also prefer to add nutrients like zinc and Vitamin C to fill your body with energy and increase hormone production.

Behavior Methods

Behavior methods are usually advised after the medical treatment to Increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the performance anxiety in men.

Start and Stop Technique

The first Behavior method to control early ejaculation is Start and stop technique. In this method, during intercourse, when you feel like you going to come, stop for a few seconds, relax, and start when you feel normal again. This method will help you control discharge and prolong your bedtime.

Squeeze Method

The squeeze method is another method of controlling PE. To perform it, you have to squeeze your genitals while urinating or ejaculating. This little squeeze provides immediate control over your body and stops you from ejaculation.

Distracted Thinking

Distracted Thinking is another way to control Early Ejaculation, which involves Distracting your mind from sexual thoughts.


Practising masturbation is another excellent way to control PE. Masturbation makes you familiar with the touch and feels that helps you immensely in bed. So practice it in a controlled manner and don’t become its addict. It is a double-sided sword that can make your life happier or sad, depending upon how you practice it.
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Pelvic Exercises

Weak pelvic floor muscles are one of the reasons for the early discharge of sperm. To avoid it, you can add exercises like Kegels, squats, Bridges to increase the strength of your Pelvic floor muscles. These exercises will help you end ejaculation problems with your medication in no time.

Healthy Habits

Stopping Bad habits like alcohol and cigarettes will save you from many diseases and problems. In addition, with exercise, you can quickly eliminate the harmful effects of weight gain and hormone production problems in your body by eliminating quick discharge problems.

Healthy Diet

Eating a diet that fulfils your body’s nutrients is really important. It fills your body, boosts your health, and boosts the testosterone production in your body. Combining it with your exercise routine becomes a blessing for you.

Bottom Line

Early ejaculation is a problem that can become a severe problem for many people but knowing the cause and treatment of it will help you in your healing time. Just try to live healthily and happily and believe your doctor does what you can do from your side to support your treatment.