What Is A Palatal Expander?

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Many people experience palate expansion surgery as children, and it’s a process that continues throughout their lives because their palates keep growing wider as they grow older. However, not everyone has the ability to have palate expander for adults, but that doesn’t mean that their palates won’t still continue to grow. This article will explain what a palate expander is and how it can be used to help your adult patients regain proper speech and swallowing function after palate expansion surgery was not an option for them in the past.


What Is An Appropriate Palate Expander For Adults?


There are a number of different types of expander. The type your dentist recommends depends on several factors, including your specific situation and whether you’re an adult or child. Your dentist will also let you know if there are any other important considerations to keep in mind. Here’s what you need to know about palatal expanders, specifically: Custom-Made: The dental professional will create a custom device based on your diagnosis. One thing you should consider is that it may take up to two weeks for your palate expander to be ready for use after it is created, so plan accordingly!


How Does A Palatal Expander Work?


When a palatal expander is in place, it stretches your palate—the soft tissue at the back of your mouth. Over time, your palate can stretch to accommodate larger teeth. Just like working out at a gym will help you build muscle, wearing an expander will stretch and strengthen your palate. Ultimately, that means you’ll be able to fit dentures and eventually retain them without regular adjustments or removal.


Why Does My Child Need A Palate Expander?


The upper jaw in children is usually made up of four separate bones (the maxilla), which don’t fuse together until sometime during adolescence. This can cause a problem when both sets of adult teeth are ready to come in. Children’s primary (baby) teeth don’t fit comfortably in their jaws, and aren’t easily replaced by adult teeth. When that happens, problems such as crowding and misalignment can occur. As baby teeth fall out, permanent teeth may be able to grow into place—or they may not.


What Is The Best Age To Get A Palate Expander?


It’s not necessary to have one at such a young age. If your child has a severe overbite, getting a palatal expander can be an effective way to allow him or her time to grow before needing braces. And if you want your child to be active in sports and don’t want their mouth broken apart by metal wires and brackets, getting a palate expander for adults can be an easy alternative.


How Long Does A Palatal Expander Stay In?


The recommended length of time that a patient wears a palatal expander depends on whether.  It’s being used to prevent further crowding of existing teeth or for cosmetic reasons. In either case. Patients may wear an expander up to 20 hours per day. But it is highly suggested that they wear it as often as possible. Wearing your expander at night will help save you time in the morning and ensures you don’t forget about your appliance. The average amount of time for wearing a palatal expander is typically around 2-3 months, but some patients have reported wearing theirs for up to 5 months.


Does A Palatal Expander Hurt?


A palatal expander is a medical device commonly used to help children whose jaws don’t grow at a normal rate. The two most common reasons for using one are: 1) an open bite; or 2) an overbite that causes an upper front tooth to overlap a lower tooth. Read on to learn more about what it is, how it works and whether or not your child needs one.


What To Expect When Wearing An Mouth Expander?


Once you start wearing your palatal expander, it is recommended that you wear it 20 minutes every day. The more time you wear it, however, the faster your mouth expander will begin to expand! You can increase your amount of time wearing it until you reach maximum expansion. It’s important to remember that after an adjustment is made to your expander. Allow at least 2 days for a new range of motion before wearing for an increased period of time. If you have any questions about wearing an expander. Or have questions about what steps to take once at maximum expansion, be sure to ask our staff!