Yahoo Mail for Outlook 365

What are the correct Settings of Yahoo Mail for Outlook 365?

Yahoo mail has become the best email service provider because of its exciting features. It allows you to access another email account in one place. With the proper Yahoo mail settings for another service, you can access your two accounts in one place. IMAP is the main thing that allows you to connect your Yahoo account to the desktop mail client or mobile app. When it comes to accessing Outlook account to Yahoo then, you can do it anytime.

To access your Outlook account, it is advisable to conduct the correct Settings of Yahoo Mail for Outlook 365. IMAP will allow two-way synchronizing and it means that everything will reflect in the Yahoo account remotely. It doesn’t matter where and how you access it.

Setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook

Allow the apps like Outlook to use a less secure sign in and it should be enabled to set up the account

  • Login to and go to the bottom and enable the setting
  • Open Outlook and click on the File menu and go to the Add Account and choose Manual Setup or additional server types
  • Click on Next and choose IMAP or POP and click on Next and with IMAP and POP Account settings, enter the Name and Email Address
  • Choose IMAP For Account Type. Incoming Mail server and that should be and Outgoing Mail server as
  • Enter the Username and Password appears next to Logon details and mark the box appears next to Remember Password. Click on the More Settings option

Go to the Outgoing server tab and enable SMTP that needs authentication and use the same settings as the incoming mail server for correct Settings of Yahoo Mail for Outlook 365

Go to the Advanced Tab and set Incoming Server for port settings:

  • SMTP to 587 with TLS encryption
  • Set IMAP to 993 for SSL encryption
  • There you have to click on Ok and click on Next when you are all set
  • Click on Close if the account signs in properly and click on Complete

Yahoo Mail Configuration in Outlook

The simple method is ideal to add in the Outlook-

  • Go to the File from the toolbar in the MS Outlook and click on Info and then Add Account and click on Connect
  • Enter the Yahoo account password and click on Connect and the account will now add. When you are all set click on the Done option
  • Now you can access Yahoo emails in outlook and all set

If users are facing any issue while connecting it then, manually add the account. In the manual process, you have to mention the outgoing and incoming email servers and the port numbers.

  • When you are set with the Yahoo mail address, and mark the box appears beside “Let me set up the account manually” option and click on Connect
  • Choose IMAP from the various options that appear and enter the app password which you have created and click on Connect
  • If you are facing any issue while connecting it with your Yahoo account then, choose the “Change Account Settings” option
  • Enter the Yahoo account password after checking the IMAP and POP settings and click on Connect
  • Click on Done when the account connects successfully and click on Done. Now you can use your Yahoo mail in the Outlook

Yahoo Mail App Passwords

After finishing correct Settings of Yahoo Mail for Outlook 365, you are able to do some changes with password. Yahoo mail is compatible with app passwords and the single-use passwords allow the specific program to access your account. There is no need to use the account password if you set up Two-Factor authentication.

Wrap Up-

You might sometimes forget that you have set up the account with Two-Factor verification and hence, start experiencing issues. If you set up Two-factor verification, sign in to your Yahoo mail account to create an app password for all devices.