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What Are the Best Packaging Materials for Moving House?

If you have moved houses before you already know that it isn’t an easy task. It is exciting but equally stressful. And the most stressful is the preparation that goes up to it.  Packing is an indispensable part of moving. It takes a lot of time, but it is essential. Home relocation needs high-quality packaging materials. The roads can be bumpy, movers can mishandle the boxes. There can be compressions and other types of problems during relocation.

Thus, getting the right packaging materials is one of the crucial parts of relocating.

To help you out, we have a list of 6 packing supplies that are necessary for the moving day.

6 packing materials essential for your moving

Cardboard packing boxes

Packing boxes, also known as removal boxes are primary for a house move. They come in various shapes and sizes which can accommodate any item you want.

cardboard boxes

Using old cardboard boxes for a few belongings is also a good idea but make sure they are in suitable conditions.

Although there are different types of moving boxes, for a house move we suggest going for corrugated cardboard boxes. They have thicker walls which can retain the weights of heavy books, electronic appliances, kitchen utensils, etc.

If you are apprehensive about the price, we suggest going for wholesale packaging suppliers. They sell removal boxes in bulk at a competitive price.

Packaging Tape

Packaging tape is the wall between the cardboard boxes and the outside world. Packing tapes protect and seal everything inside the cartons.

Therefore, it is essential that you buy strong packaging tapes. If the seal isn’t tight enough, it will break due to road impacts, shocks, or mishandling. When buying packing tapes, make sure to get some extra rolls. The elasticity of the tape will determine how dependable it can be for the safety of your belongings.

Bubble wrap rolls

When moving, you need to ensure the optimum safety of your belongings. There will be a lot of fragile items that need cushioning against potential damages.bubble-wrap-rolls

Bubble wrap rolls are the most reliable packaging material for cushioning. The air bubbles of these sheets help to save your items from road humps and bumps. For electronics, you can go for anti-static bubble wrap rolls. Wrap the breakable products with bubble wraps and secure the edges with packing tape.

For extra cushioning, put bubble wraps as void fillers inside the cartons.

Packing paper/ newspapers

When you are packing dishes, cutleries, and other utensils, you need a protective layer for these items. Even with paintings and photo frames, packing paper comes in handy as they don’t leave ink stains.

Newspapers or packing papers are useful void fillers as well. You need bubble wraps to wrap the fragile items. So, for filling up extra space inside the cartons fill them with newspapers or packing papers. Make sure to crumble them before you place them. They will absorb vibrations or any impacts made on the box.

Permanent markers

Labelling the removal boxes is very important while moving. You will have so many boxes lying around in the house. And without proper labelling, you will struggle a lot while unpacking.

Permanent markers and labels help to inform the handlers what is inside the boxes. For fragile items, you can label them red as a clear indication. This will make unpacking much easier and safer.

We advise to colour code the labels according to each room. This way you can instruct the movers to keep the boxes in their respective rooms.

Wardrobe boxes

If you want to keep your clothes wrinkle-free during the move, invest in some good quality wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes come with a rod attached where you can hang your clothes neatly.

For special gowns, work suits, wedding dresses and other expensive clothing, wardrobe boxes work very well. You can use these boxes later to keep your seasonal or occasional clothing items.

Pro tip: Use the base of the wardrobe boxes to pack shoes, cushions, towels, blankets, and other non-breakable items.

Where to get good-quality moving supplies?

There are many places where you can get your packaging materials for the move. Online packaging suppliers like Wellpack Europe have tons of  general packaging supplies and house moving kits.

Investing in premium quality packing materials is the best way to have a stress-free move. It will keep everything secured and anything won’t get lost or damaged in transportation.