What are some common dental issues for which you should visit a dentist?

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Most of the dental issues can be prevented with regular dental check-ups, eating a healthy diet, daily flossing, and brushing twice a day. But dental problems are common at different ages due to various reasons. That being said, there are some common dental problems for which you often need to visit a dentist; and there is no other option left. Find out about some of the common dental issues for which you need to visit a dental professional.

Bleeding or tender gums



You may be at the beginning stages of Gingivitis or gum disease, in case you find that:

  • Your gums are swollen
  • that is quite tender while flossing and brushing,
  •  gums are even slightly bleeding.

Gums that are feeling painful, inflamed, and possibly bleeding significantly must be checked out by a professional dentist immediately. In case you do not experience any pain or have only a small amount of tenderness or a very insignificant amount of bleeding while brushing and flossing, you might be able to wait for some time until your next routine dental check-up.

Damaged or chipped tooth

Tooth breaks, cracks, and chips can happen it can be due to any injury. A very small chip on the tooth edge might be just a cosmetic concern but a dental appointment with a professional dentist. It is required in case of a larger crack or chip, or any other kind of damage to the teeth. It is quite possible that what you might suppose to be a minor chip might get large enough in the future, to affect your entire dental health.

Some of the dental issues could be more acute, as compared to the others. But in case you doubt that something abnormal is occurring with your dental health, you need to consult your dentist about it right away.

Bad breath

If you are suffering from bad breath problems, it might be associated with untreated gum disease or untreated tooth decay problems. The smell can be for your dental issues that can be cured with the help of an expert. Often severe cavities lead to pain and bad breath.

A professional dentist or some other qualified dental care provider needs to make a careful evaluation of any drastic or sudden change in your breath. In case of mild bad breath, it is a good idea to take proper at-home care, although, during your next dental appointment, you should mention it to your dental professional.

Tooth sensitivity

A sensitive tooth can feel like an aching tooth but the two are different, in the sense that tooth sensitivity generally happens after your teeth are exposed to something cold or hot. It often also arises due to some kind of dental damage, like a small cavity or enamel that has worn out.

Painful teeth

Painful teeth or toothaches are generally the commonest reason for a dental appointment. The toothache can range from a slightly irritating and itchy sensation to acute pain. It might make you feel like ripping your tooth out. All kinds of toothaches turn out to be intolerable and it is when you visit your dental professional. Moderate to severe amount of pain that regarded as an emergency problem.

For minor tooth pain instances, however, you can make do with an OTC analgesic or pain reliever, until your next appointment with a dentist. It must be remembered that the disappearance of a toothache does not mean that the underlying problem has been eliminated. It is still highly recommended that you go through a proper dental evaluation by a qualified dental care provider in case your toothache comes and goes or fades after a while from the time of appearing.