What Are Power Chains For Braces?

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If you’re wearing braces, you may have noticed your orthodontist has placed power chains on the brackets that are on each side of your teeth. These are not just some way to make your braces look cool—they serve a very specific purpose! Here’s what they are and why they’re important to your treatment plan.


What Are Power Chain Braces?


Most orthodontic patients come in to have their teeth straightened so they can fit into a particular piece of dental work (i.e. smile) or just because they want a nice smile with no spaces between their teeth. The most effective way to achieve these results is through what are known as fixed braces or appliances, which are usually made out of stainless steel and bonded directly to each tooth to align them properly. Once your teeth have been aligned through a process called bracketing, any additional movement that needs to occur will happen via rubber bands (which you can buy on Amazon) that you put on your teeth at night. These rubber bands are known as power chains braces and are one of many tools used in today’s orthodontic field.


What Do Power Chain Braces Do?


While they may look a little unusual, power chain braces really do work. These small but powerful devices are made of steel and come with a handy clasp at each end so you can hook them onto your braces. The clasps hook over your cuffs and slip into place easily; once you’ve got them fastened in, all you have to do is push down on each clasp as if it were a lever to get everything working. Power chains provide excellent resistance for retraining muscles in your upper body; once you’ve worn them for about four weeks, you should see improvements in strength and endurance all over your body. You can even use power chains during physical therapy sessions!


Types Of Power Chains For Braces


The three types of power chains for braces are elastomeric, silicone, and metal. Both elastomeric and silicone power chains are made of rubber. Elastomeric is a traditional material used in most early power chains, while silicone is newer and more versatile. Metal chains are stronger than both elastomeric and silicone ones, but they’re heavier and can cause more wear on your teeth if not installed correctly (which makes them a pain to deal with). Metal is less likely to stretch or break over time than other materials.


What Is Double Power Chain Braces?


If you are not familiar with power chains and double power chain braces, please read our introduction to powerchains. Double powerchain braces are a variation of regular powerchain braces; they involve two long chains instead of one (one on each side). If you’re still confused about what these are, please watch our video above.


How To Choose The Best Power Chain Colors For Your Braces?


Choosing your power chain colors can be a fun way to personalize your smile and show off your unique personality. You might have noticed that some people wear multiple power chains or decide to add other accessories as well. But how do you choose which colors are best for you? Here are three tips to consider when deciding on which color combination will work best for you


What Power Chain Color Should I Get?


The color of your power chain will depend on your preference. Most orthodontists recommend using a white or clear colored power chain for children who are getting braces because their tooth color is still developing. This may make it easier to see if they accidentally forget to wear their chain. However, as an adult, you should wear a silver-colored chain because they’re generally less visible than a clear one when paired with metal braces.


When Should You Get Black Power Chain Braces?


If you need braces, you might be wondering when it’s time to get power chain braces. You don’t need black power chain braces until your teeth are aligned; so, if you’re still in active treatment, it might be too soon. However, if your teeth are straight but they still feel uncomfortable (or even just one of them) that could be a sign that you should consider getting black power chain braces. If they’re starting to show wear and tear, or any of your molars seem particularly sensitive (especially as compared to your others), that could also indicate that it’s time for a pair of black power chain braces.


How Long Will I Need To Wear Power Chains?


The length of time you’ll wear power chains will depend on your specific orthodontic issue. If your teeth are currently being moved by an orthodontist, your doctor may prescribe wearing these devices for a set period of time to help improve and encourage quicker tooth movement. It’s not unusual for adults who were treated for minor orthodontic issues as children to be given power chains to wear in adulthood if their teeth have stopped moving as expected or needed further correction. You’ll need to discuss with your orthodontist what they’d like you to do.


Who Needs Power Chain Braces?


Invisalign is great for teens and adults, but if you’re a younger child, it may not be as effective. In cases like these, your orthodontist may recommend standard braces or even headgear. As with many orthodontic treatments, these come with some pain and discomfort. One way to minimize these side effects is by using power chains on your braces. What are power chains? They’re devices that attach to your braces and are designed to reduce irritation in sensitive areas of your mouth such as under your tongue. You can also wear them while you sleep so they don’t get in the way during school or work hours!


Are Power Chain Braces Painful?


A common concern among those considering braces is that they’ll be uncomfortable. The truth is, you might not even notice you’re wearing your power chain braces. But if anything does feel off, report it to your orthodontist immediately—the sooner he or she can address a problem, like an uncomfortable wire or loose brace, the better chance you have of making it through treatment pain-free.