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What is Wayback Machine Download and how it work?

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Wayback Machine Download is a service that enables you to download your entire website even if it’s expired Or is deleted.

Sometimes your website is accidentally deleted, crashed, or hacked or you forgot to renew your hosting plan and your website is no more visible in the search engines. And you are very worried about how you can get your precious content back.

We have good news for you, now you can easily recover your website. You just need to follow some easy steps.
There is some website that is continually capturing your website backup to their server. Some of these are as follows.


The archive.org (Wayback machine) is a very popular website that introduces in 2001, this is a free tool that enables you to go “back in time” to see the website’s old version. A Wayback machine is designed to capture the website’s removed or deleted content including all the content HTML, CSS, JS, Images, Videos, PDF, and other front-end files.

Time Travel

Time Travel is also the alternative to the Wayback machine and its free tool. As the name suggests, the time travel tool allows you to travel in time back to see your website’s previous version. What does this look like in the previous?
And to see more archive, org alternatives please visit the article Wayback Machine Alternatives.

How much does Wayback machine downloader cost?

Wayback to WordPress conversion cost is $9.99 + $30 = $39.99 ($9.99 for Wayback to Html and $30 for WordPress conversion).

How can I recover my deleted website?

To download your website first you need to visit the web.archive.org website.

  • Add your domain in the search field
  • Hit the enter button
  • Now you will see your website time to time backup
  • Select one of the dates and right-click on the date and open the link and verify the website data and design that you want. Now you have the archive version of your website. Now copy that URL and follow the next step.
  • Now open the website Wayback Machine Download and you will see the order form.
  • You just need to past your archive version of your website.
  • Select the type of website (Html version, Or WordPress conversion)
    And click on the pay now button and you will be redirected to the checkout page.
    Now you can pay to make the order and that’s it.

And now your order is created. And the Wayback Machine Download team will recover your website from archive.org and they will send your files to your eamil Or if you put your host information while creating the order so, they will upload your website at your given detail.

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How to restore website using Wayback Machine Download