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Unable to understand the LED Behavior of the Nextbox Normal extender?

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The Nextbox Normal extender is the ideal option for avid gamers, persons who are working from home, or just for increasing the streaming speed. It is the best wifi extender that offers you the breakthrough speed from which you can get uploading or downloading speed. No matter wherever you are in your house, it simply fixes the connectivity issues so that you can take it into any place of your house. Well, the Nextbox wireless extender can seamlessly cover 1200 square feet of area and have the ability to connect up to 20 devices simultaneously. 

If you are looking for accommodation where you can complete the nextbox wifi extender setup and use it for multiple streaming. Then you can take help from its LED indicator or signal. The LEDs simply lead you to the way to understand the current situation of the device. In case, the wifi booster is facing an issue and you can understand the indication of the LEDs then you can immediately take action to improve the issue with the Nextbox extender. 

Simple Ways to understand the LED behavior of the Nextbox Normal extender

The Nextbox Normal extender provides a variety of devices so that it can meet the requirements of its users. Whereas, LED lights play a major role in identifying the connection with the device. If you can understand theLED behavior then you get optimized performance with the better network coverage. Thus, it will start working flawlessly. So there are four lights on the panel of the Nextbox extender. Well, the first one is the power light. If the power light is green then it means the range extender is currently powered on. The amber LED means the device is booting up and no LED means it is off.

Then comes the WPS button LED. If it is green then it indicates that wifi security is enabled. The blinking of the green LED means the WPS connection is established. The WPS LED off means the wifi security is enabled. 

The green router link LED shows the optimal connection with the router. The amber router link indicates a good connection with the router. The red router link means it has a weak connection to the router then, in that case, place your extender closer to the router. If the router link is off then it does not have any connection with the router.

The green device link shows the optimal connection with the device. The amber device link shows a good connection with the device. The red device link shows a weak connection with the device. When the device link is off then the range extender does not have any connection with any wireless device.  If you are facing any issue with understanding the LED then by reading this article, you can easily fix the problem. 

Examine the connection of Nextbox Normal extender

First of all check for the connection when you are unable to see any LED light on the Nextbox extender. Also, make sure that the wireless device will properly connect to the power outlet. You can replug the device if you find any catches then detach or attach the wire to the range extender and then the router again. After waiting for a while, plug the cable into the wireless device once again to ensure that it is not hanging or tied to the sockets properly. If the wires are loose then you might face the problem and that is well obvious. 

Check for the main power outlet

In that case, you can check for the main power outlet in which you should be careful about the connectivity. So you need to make sure that the power is accurately supplied to the nextbox extender and then check for the LED lights. If you are still not able to see the LED lights on the extender device then launch a web browser on your PC and enter the IP address http// to check for internet connectivity.  

Well, you can also change the plug by fixing it into some other electric appliance in the same wall outlet and checking whether the outlet is working or not.  However, the Nextbox extender connects to devices such as wireless routers or extenders that you can also switch to get the power supply and it is the best thing about the device. 

Verify with the LED lights

You can simply check the network connection with the LEDs and also look after that it is working correctly. So that the LEDs should not be on. It might happen due to an error with the range extender. So there are chances that affect the functioning of the LEDs. Well, the error is fixable, you can easily deal with this kind of issue. You will find the error with LED then simply restart the extender. After that, the extender will start working fine and thereon you can check for a while for the network convenience.  

Final words

The Nextbox Normal extender provides 1200 Mbps of speed. It provides the best solution to solve the problems related to the Nextbox device. Moreover, it is universally compatible which can work with any access point or wireless router. Apart from this, it provides an easy connection for you. You can use the WPS button, web interface, or Nextbox app for the setup. Besides, it has LEDs that help to become familiar with the extender. After the setup, only LEDs will help you to find an excellent position for both the router and the extender. You can read this article to get familiar with LED lights. In case, you have got any trouble then here are also the solutions. 

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